5 Pro’s and Con’s of Parental Control/Monitoring Software Every Parents Should Know About

It is the world of internet today and nobody like getting abandoned. Similarly, your kids like to explore and get exposure to new trending topics which could only be possible by surfing the internet. But, as we all know that the internet is not the safest place for your kid. There are legitimate threats which could land your kid in distress while surfing the internet. Before any of that thing could happen, it is never too late to invest in a good and reliable parental control software.

The parental software will help you to track and monitor your kid’s online activities. Installing the parental software will help parents to monitor all the activities made by the Smartphone. This can help you to observe which websites are frequently accessed, how much time your kid spends on social media websites and other activities. The prominent aim is to safeguard your kid from cyber bullying, cyber threat and other potential online dangers.

Though everything seems to be crystal clear, there are a couple of reasons because of which parents could hesitate using the parental monitoring software. There are certain legitimate fears while using monitoring software that could raise a sense of betrayal between parents and their kids. This could possibly jeopardize a good healthy relationship between parents and their kid. Parents know that forbidden things often meet the eye of the curious kid, who would like to dig deep to explore it. No parent would like to get sneaked upon by their kid. To make things easy, let us have a proper insight towards pros and cons of using such parental software which helps parents either to choose such software for kid’s security or use old traditional methods.

Pros of using a Parental Monitoring Software


1) Block inappropriate content

Using the parental monitoring software is great for blocking websites and mobile app that advertise or encourage panorama towards inappropriate content.

This inappropriate content could be

  • a) Pornography content
  • b) Violence sites
  • c) Sexting sites
  • d) Gambling content
  • e) Drugs and alcohol-related sites etc

Generally, this content appears to the user as a popup while accessing a website or mobile application. You might be a click away becoming a cyber criminal.

2) Track every activity

One of the prominent features of the parental software is tracking activities made by the Smartphone. You can track your kid’s Smartphone activity remotely anytime and anywhere.

Basically, you can track

  • a) Browsing history
  • b) Calls and messages
  • c) Social media activities
  • d) Mobile application installing activity and much more.

Installing and using such software is a piece of cake for parents. Even a non-technical person can understand its usage.

3) Track location

There are few parental software like TiSPY which let you track the location of your kid. This software is embedded with sophisticated technology like GPS which gives a precise location along with the path of travel. It also allows you to record and listen to the surrounding by automatically invoking video and microphone of the Smartphone. Using such software parents can track and locate children using GPS anytime & anywhere.

4) Protect your Kid from online threat

A threat on the internet come in any countenance and being unaware of it, your kid can easily fell for the bait. Installing the parental software nullifies the threat from any sort of online threat and you can guide other parents, relatives, and friends.

5) Distinct Benefits

Most of the parental monitoring software comes along with other benefits. They also have features like Instant Messaging App tracking, Access Contact book, Spy on text messages etc. helping you to read both incoming and outgoing messages on the Smartphone. It also tracks all the recent contacts added to the Smartphone which could contain an unauthorized user’s contact being a threat to your kid.

Cons of using a Parental Monitoring Software

In this world each and every process, things, organization, software’s, mobiles, laptops books and many other things have certain pro’s and con’s. Thus parental control software has also few con’s which parents should understand before using such softwares to spy on their kids.

1) Effects on Parents – Child relationships

Installing parental monitoring software on your kid’s Smartphone could possibly raise a sense of betrayal in your kid. This could make your kid unhappy and doubt the loyalty. Your kid may no longer believe you which can create both mental and emotional strain. Blocking most of the frequently visited websites can annoy your kid raising a question of trust and believe. The feeling of being spied is always unusual and your kid may despise you.

2) Beware from Kid’s Intelligence

If your kid is a tech geek or highly intelligent with gadgets then installed software is in danger because your kid might uninstall it. A kid’s intelligence should never be underestimated as he/she could figure it out, how to stop and remove monitoring software and you will no longer be able to monitor or track their activities.

3) Malicious Software

Malicious software could be attached to this parental software. This software can be viruses or other threat to your phone or computer resulting it in a huge loss of valuable data. This can also sabotage other electronic equipment attach to them. TiSPY is one such Parental control software which is very secure and lots of parents using it since many years.

4) High Cost

The parental software provides some highly advanced features which come along with a huge price. This price could not be affordable by some of the parents. TiSPY parental control software allows parents 2 days free trial before buying the subscription so parents don’t have to worry about it as it has very affordable cost.

5) Fake Parental Control Software

Many companies in market are selling fake parental control software which doesn’t give you the trust to spy on kids using their software. Before using such software parents should read their online reviews or ask any relatives or other persons whether they heard or use this software.

Conclusion: Parental software should only be installed if parents think their kid might have already chosen the path of doom. It is always better to interact with your kid and figure out the situation. An appealing and pleasant advice is always better than slaying your kid. This also ensures a healthy relationship with the family by taking the right decision.

Smart measures to ensure safe device usage by your children.