How to Install TiSPY in MAC OS

1. Prerequisite

1.1 Mac OS any from below.
  • Minimum Mac OS X 10.13 or Above.
  • Unlimited data plan recommended.

2. Installing

2.1 Download and Install “TiSPY Installer” in your Mac.
  • Download Installer from   in your Mac.
Mac Google installation guide
  • Run sudo spctl --master-disable;sudo reboot
  • After Double tap on above command it will restart your PC
  • Run Installer.
  • Follow onscreen instructions.
  • Grant permission for camera & mic (Only in 10.14 or above)
    • Grant Accessibility

    3. Email Verification.

    3.1 Email verification. (for new user)
    • You should get verification email in email inbox.
    • Verify you email address.

    Uninstall TiSPY MAC OS client

    Option 1:
    • Tap on System tray icon
    • Enter your password
    • Uninstall
    Option 2:
    • Open Terminal
    • Run sudo /usr/local/.rm/postrm
    Option 3:
  • Download latest installer
  • Double click on Installer, and Select Uninstall
  • Start monitoring your child’s activities