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Want to know who is messaging your child all day? TiSPY can help you in WhatsApp online tracking and lessen your worries about your child's safety. With TiSPY, parents can monitor WhatsApp messages, call log history, and media sharing to make sure that their child is safe from any dangers.

Why Should You Monitor Your Child’s Whatsapp Activity?

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app. With all this popularity it also brings in many threats. Cybercrimes can easily be done through Whatsapp. With Whatsapp spy apps like TiSPY, parents can monitor their child’s online activities. This relieves them of the worries of their child’s safety from any kind of threats. To know more about how it’s working, click here to watch the video.

What You Can Leverage From TiSPY WhatsAppTracker?


Track WhatsApp Call History

TiSPY allows parents to keep a check on WhatsApp call history and people their child is interacting with.

View Chat History

Track your child’s conversation remotely and without them knowing with WhatsApp online activity tracker, TiSPY. The WhatsApp spy app accesses all chat conversations and allows parents to read the messages and monitor the nature of the conversation their child is involved in.

Multimedia Tracking

WhatsApp provides the convenience of sharing media while chatting. The WhatsApp spy app accesses all chats, call logs and photos which makes it easier for parents to look into the kid’s whatsapp activities.

Track WhatsApp Without Rooted Device

TiSPY helps parents monitor their kids’ call history, WhatsApp chat tracking, and shared multimedia without any rooted device. Parents can conveniently access all the information on the dashboard provided by TiSPY.

How Does the TiSPY Whatsapp Tracker Work?

The WhatsApp spy tool works on the target and the user’s phone. Parents can use it for monitoring whatsApp activities in three easy steps:

Install TiSPY

You can go to the Home page, select the ‘Buy Now’ option which will take you to the payment gateway page. After buying you need to physically install the app on your kid’s device.


After successful installation, register with your credentials.


Login into your account. You can track your kids’ WhatsApp activity remotely on the dashboard provided by TiSPY.

Awesome product features into single app

Calendar Events Tracking

TiSPY tracks each and every calendar activity entered into the device which can be showed into Calendar List. TiSPY client captures scheduled meetings, reminders and Monitor tasks that created into the user's device.

WhatsApp FAQ

Can I track my teen’s Whatsapp messages?

Yes, you can track your teen’s Whatsapp using a spy app like TiSpy. It provides multiple features like Whatsapp call history tracking, Whatsapp chat history tracking, etc. which helps you as a parent monitor your teen’s Whatsapp online activity efficiently to ensure their safety from any threats.

How can I record Whatsapp secretly?

You can record Whatsapp secretly by using a Whatsapp spy app like TiSpy. With TiSPy you can record calls, messages, and media with time and date without the target knowing.

How to see Whatsapp multimedia on the phone without touching the phone?

You can see WhatsApp multimedia on your phone without touching it by using a Whatsapp online activity tracking app like TiSpy. It lets you access multimedia shared through Whatsapp remotely without even touching the phone.

How to track Whatsapp without a rooted device?

You can track Whatsapp without a rooted device by using a Whatsapp spy app like TiSpy. TiSpy helps you monitor Whatsapp chat history, call logs, media shared remotely without the target device knowing. You just need to install the app on the target’s device and track Whatsapp remotely.

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