Anti-theft Protection

TiSPY anti-theft feature used to prevent or detect the unauthorized appropriation of items considered valuable. App that secretly takes a photo using the front camera when someone tries to unlock your phone. In this feature you can also restrict your target device to the power off.

Set unlimited number of safe/unsafe areas

Get email alerts each time they enter/leave geofences

Check date time stamp of Geofence location areas

View history and get all the area details on email.

Children and teen are in general emotional and sensitive people and are easily subjected to blackmail and threats therefore TiSPY introduced theft feature.

You can start protecting and monitoring right now. Just login TiSPY official website and take a few simple steps of purchase, installation, and monitoring.

Anti theft photo capture list

TiSPY gives you facility to:

Take pictures of the thief

View time and date stamps.

Access captured information directly from your TiSPY dashboard.

Start monitoring your child’s activities