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Parents are constantly worried when their kids use their mobile phones in excess. Chances are that children might interact with dangerous people without their knowledge. The Call Tracker feature helps parents with the call log details of their kids. The latest features included in some parental tracking apps ensure 100% secure monitoring services.

What Problems Does A Call Tracker App Solve?


1. Save a Child from Spam Calls

Kids are more exposed to a drastic rise in spam and fraud calls. Fraudsters are finding new ways to bluff, and children are the biggest victims. Spam calls can harm children in many ways. Call tracker apps help the parents to take care of this problem.

2. Aware Kids about the Type of Spam Calls

Call log monitoring feature is a great help to kids and parents. It helps the kids and teens in taking a call if the caller is someone known. Young kids are immature and cannot make the right decisions for themselves. It is wise that the parents monitor any doubtful calls. In such situations, the caller may not be what they claim and might trick the kids.

3. Keep Track of Your Kid’s Call Conversations

To protect kids from any dangerous situations, parents must know who calls them often. Children are victims of scamsters through phone calls and messages. Parents use a call tracking app to track incoming and outgoing calls details. The feature gives them control of their child’s call activities.

TiSPY Call Tracker App Features


1. Track Incoming Calls

TiSPY has an incoming call tracking feature that helps to keep an eye on the call history. It helps parents to know with whom their child interacts. It is vital to monitor incoming calls and do a call history check online. This feature is useful as it helps to manage kids’ security. Parents can monitor the target devices’ movement by using such apps.

2. View Whom They Called

The tracking feature on TiSPY helps to track the call history of mobile numbers online. Parents can track their child’s conversations without them knowing. The online activity tracker on TiSPY accesses chat conversations. It provides a detailed call history of all calls. The feature allows parents to monitor the conversation in which children are involved. This helps them stay safe online.

3. Detailed Timestamp and Duration

TiSPY helps parents conveniently access all the information. The dashboard provided by TiSPY keeps a record of timestamps of their kid’s calls. It is an imperative feature. Call timestamping data helps to keep a check on kids’ activities. It gives information about the chat times. Timestamping is a great feature to monitor target devices anywhere, anytime.

4. Block Calls From Unwanted Numbers

The feature in a cellphone tracking device gives 100% accurate information. It also helps to immediately block unwanted callers in the target device. The feature is vital for parents who want to ensure the safety of their kids online. The app should have high performance. Call blocking is a crucial requirement to ensure kids’ safety.

5. Hear Recorded Calls and Filter by Date & Time of Calls

The timestamping and call record feature in the call tracker helps to keep a record of calls and chats. Call recording is a highly effective feature as it keeps a check on the kid’s activities. It gives an idea of whom kids talk to and gives an idea of the activity of the target device. Call recording is a good feature that is useful for getting call details.

6. View Contact List

The call tracker features include the view contact list option. This is a great feature that helps parents to add a layer of security. The view contact list feature helps parents to monitor their contacts. They know who all their kids are in touch with on WhatsApp chat.

7. Able to Download the Call Recordings

The tracking feature includes the ability to download call recordings. With such apps, you can monitor the conversations of the target. To spy on the calls of the target users, all you need to do is download TiSPY. TiSPY users can track the call logs with conversations on kids’ phones.

How to Install TiSPY Call Tracker?

A prerequisite for downloading the TiSPY Call tracker for android is the availability of Android OS 4.4 and above. Below are the steps for installing the TiSPY call tracker:
1. Open the “Play Store” application on your android phone
2. Go to Menu
3. Off the Play Protect
4. Disable “Scan device for security threats”
5. Disable Anti-Virus
6. Disable “Scan before Installing” in security section

Steps to install TiSPY Call tracker app in iOS device, you can also check install guide
1. Login or Sign up in your TiSPY account.
2. Connect laptop with iOS device with the help of cable
3. Then add a device.
4. Select a specific target device to monitor.

Awesome product features into single app

Calendar Events Tracking

TiSPY tracks each and every calendar activity entered into the device which can be showed into Calendar List. TiSPY client captures scheduled meetings, reminders and Monitor tasks that created into the user's device.
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