Web History Tracker

You need to know whether the websites your children visiting are safe or not because most of the children view pornographic content online at least twice a week. TiSPY helps you to track all web history from target phone’s web browser.


Do you know internet is full of good and bad things. There are various kind of harmful content and videos available on internet. Do you want your child to stay away from this type of contents? You have to keep an eye on what websites they are visiting. With TiSPY, you can remotely check web browsing history on their phones. TiPSY will ensure you for your child safety.


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Awesome product features into single app

Calendar Events Tracking

TiSPY tracks each and every calendar activity entered into the device which can be showed into Calendar List. TiSPY client captures scheduled meetings, reminders and Monitor tasks that created into the user's device.

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