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Is your child constantly texting someone?
Do you know online predators use text messages to reach juveniles to fulfill their ill intentions?

With TiSPY, SMS tracker software tracks your child’s text messages and gets relieved from the worries of their safety. TiSPY helps you rack the text messages with real-time updates and details of the person with who your child is chatting.

Why is There a Need to Track the SMS of Your Child’s Phone?

Young kids are constantly seen texting through their phones. Parents have less or no knowledge about the people their child is texting with. The kids might be talking to strangers who are potential threats and can attack kids with their ill intention. A text message tracker like TiSPY, helps parents to track the nature of text messages and with people their child is involved texting with.

Benefits of Using TiSPY SMS Tracker App

1. Read Send and Receive Messages

With TiSPY, you can read all the sent and received messages on their child’s phone without them knowing.

2. Monitor Text Inbox Remotely

TiSPY allows you to track your kid’s inbox to see who they are texting on a regular basis. This can be accessed remotely and the information will be available on the TiSPY dashboard.

3. Monitor Shared Multimedia Files

You can also monitor the media shared through SMS like images, videos, audios, etc. to check the nature of the conversation whether it is dangerous for your kid to consume.

4. Access Deleted Messages

Kids might delete some text messages. With TiSPY, parents can retrieve deleted conversations as well.

5. Able To See Text Message History

TiSPY allows tracking the text message with the date and time stamp. Parents can also track the details of people their kids are chatting with.

6. 24/7 Customer Support

TiSPY, the spy text message app provides 24/7 customer support for any issues caused. The customer support aims to solve the issue in less time.

How Does the TiSPY SMS Tracker App Works?

TiSPY, a hidden SMS tracker when installed, tracks and backs up the SMS history from the target device. The tracking information is available to parents on the dashboard provided by TiSPY. Let’s see how to track text messages with monitoring software.

Parents can track their kid’s text messages in three easy steps:

Step 1: Install

Buy the plan that suits you best. Install the app on your kid’s and your phone. Before installing you can check the phone’s compatibility here.

Step 2: Register

After installing the app, register with your credentials.

Step 3: Login

Login into your account and you can start tracking your kid’s SMS through your dashboard.

Awesome product features into single app

Calendar Events Tracking

TiSPY tracks each and every calendar activity entered into the device which can be showed into Calendar List. TiSPY client captures scheduled meetings, reminders and Monitor tasks that created into the user's device.

Sms Tracker FAQ

Can I Access Deleted Text Messages Conversations?

Yes, the text spy app TiSPY can give you access to deleted text message conversations on the target’s phone. It gives you access to all the text history of the target.

Can I Access Sent And Received Messages On The Monitored Device?

Yes, TiSPY, a text message tracker helps you monitor both sent and received messages on the monitored device. It provides a dashboard to the users where all the messages can be monitored conveniently.

Can I track my child’s phone without him/her knowing?

Yes, you can track your child’s phone without them knowing by using a text message tracker app like TiSPY. Install the app on their device and it brings all the information to the dashboard provided by TiSPY for easy access.

How can I track SMS from another mobile?

You can track SMS from other mobiles using SMS tracker software like TiSPY. Track the sent and received messages, retrieve deleted messages, and also track the details of the sender.

Is there an app to view text messages from another phone?

Yes, a text message tracker like TiSPY can help you monitor the text messages from your phone on the target’s phone. It gives you access to text message history with time and date stamps. You can access shared media, messages, and sender’s details by using TiSPY.

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