Multimedia Tracker

Image Tracker & Video Tracker to Monitor Gallery of Kids

Set unlimited number of safe/unsafe areas

Get email alerts each time they enter/leave geofences

Check date time stamp of Geofence location areas

View history and get all the area details on email.

In the current modern generation, you will find most of the kids and teens highly involved in the smartphones. They spend a huge amount of time on social media platforms and in viewing and sharing images, GIFs & videos on their accounts. But it is important that the kids have a healthy, positive and kids/teens friendly experience. The multimedia files that they view and share needs to have certain limitation and restrictions. They should not have adult content and violent content which can have a impact on kids. Also, many teenage kids are also involved in sexting and might share nude images on these platforms. But how will you know what multimedia files are they having on their phone? TiSPY brings you Multimedia Tracker to spy gallery and check the activities of your kids.

multimedia files tracker

The TiSPY multimedia tracker for android is easy to handle and install in your smartphone. Parents can now easily review all the multimedia files to understand the kids interest and activities. Parents can spy gallery whenever they want by using TiSPY and it does not take any time to quickly open the dashboard and review the complete gallery.

The nude image detection feature also makes it easy for parent to filter nude images that exist on their kids smartphone. You can also spy images that are deleted from the kids smartphone as all the images are saved in the online dashboard.

Easy to install multimedia tracker

The TiSPY multimedia tracker with nude images detection is easy to install in android smartphones. Parents just need to install and run TiSPY on the kids device to spy gallery of kids. This monitor gallery application helps you to keeps parents alerted about the kids online surroundings. The first time users can also use this image tracker by following the simple TiSPY install guide that have detailed instructions.

Features of the Multimedia Tracker to spy images and video

There are different modern features offered by TiSPY multimedia spy for smartphone apart from simple checking of the images and the videos stored in it.

  • Check the date and time stamps of the images and videos.
  • Search bar is available to navigate gallery fast and easy.
  • Nude images detection feature to alert parents.
  • Multimedia files are saved on TiSPY online dashboard for easy accessibility from any location.

Start monitoring your child’s activities