10 Metaverse Dangers Every Parents Should Know

Google and Microsoft are accommodating Metaverse as their options. As much as Metaverse is known for its technological advancement, its evolution has posed a threat. Your child may be a victim of Metaverse dangers. You never know what the child is about to explore. The latest data shows that about 38% of gamers in the 10 to 20 age group use Metaverse for their games.

What are some Metaverse dangers?

As you enter the world of Metaverse, you are at risk of being hacked. Metaverse can steal identities. Metaverse risks get your privacy at stake. Let’s learn how it is endangering the lives of the children-

1. Interaction with strangers

Interaction with strangers

Augmented reality and virtual reality make it easy for the children to interact with the other person at the end. Access to all the information about the child and the parents is easy. Interaction with strangers can lead to cybercrime, sexual abuse, and stealing identities.

2. Eyesight problems

 Eyesight problems

One of the dangers of Metaverse is as it becomes an addiction within the children, they seem to get glued onto the screen. It is hampering their eyesight. The VR handset causes a constant strain making the children visit the ophthalmologists and get their eyes checked. The study reveals the number of kids visiting eye specialists is increasing at an alarming rate.

3. Addiction


The greatest danger of Metaverse is addiction. Children who play games such as Roblox, Fortnite, Minecraft, etc., get so addicted to these games that it hampers their personal, academic, physical, and mental health. They seem to become violent, have mood swings, and can be the cause of depression. The world of Metaverse makes you travel to a world beyond your imagination.

4. Harassment and Cyberbullying

 Harassment and Cyberbullying

Children are naive. Kids are unaware of predators and become the biggest prey to cyberbullying. Metaverse risks for kids are hitting another level. You can see harassment and blackmail increasing. Immersive experiences are the reason for increasing Sexual harassment and assaults. The haptic technology transfers the touch in the virtual world to the contact in the real world, crossing the personal space of boundary.

5. Exposure to inappropriate content

Exposure to inappropriate content

The other scary part of Metaverse is the content that children get exposed to. There is no Metaverse safetyworld. There is no proper vigilance to show age-appropriate content. Children get exposed to porn, gambling, violence, and other inappropriate content. This disturbs the beliefs of a child. It harms the mind-affecting their emotional and psychological behavior, and their innocence is at stake.

6. No age verification

No age verification

One of the drawbacks of Metaverse is that no age verification practice can ensure that the details entered are accurate. Children love being on social media platforms where age verification is unreliable. With games, it is difficult to verify the age and often is inaccurate.

7. Scamming


Children get scammed easily on the Metaverse. The videos, games, and challenges allure children to gain points, earn money and get fame. Children start using digital currency and fall victim to payment systems like cryptocurrencies. The Metaverse risksare significant at this stage. Parents suffer affiliate frauds, charges, navigation of payments, loss of authority to operate accounts, and more. The number of scams is rising by heaps and bounds.

8. Shared spaces come with their own set of dangers

Shared spaces come with their own set of dangers

Companies are developing Igloo immersive shared spaces. It allows users to create unique collaborative spaces where gamers, listeners, or users can join groups and feel physical collaboration. Little do these children know that these shared spaces come with their set of dangers, such as virtual sex, the deteriorating mental health of teenagers, being prone to phobias, distraction, and the risks that are getting higher.

9. Psychological risks

 Psychological risks

The socialization on Metaverse is similar to any social platform that appears on the internet. Along with the excitement comes reduced physical movement and increased isolation. Children tend to become less social in the real world. They remain aloof and stop sharing their mental health with their parents. It affects their social well-being and psychological aspect. It is irreversible damage.

10. Privacy risks

Privacy risks

As there is no secure way to know the person’s true identity, the Metaverse risks for kids are many. Kids are the easiest target to get all the details about finance and personal, making the privacy policies obtuse. The privacy settings are easy to hack. Recent research shows that the vendor websites had ample security vulnerabilities, and hardware and software lacked authentication.

How to avoid kids from metaverse dangers?

With the virtual world of augmented reality, there is doubt about Metaverse’s safety. A platform designed for people to have fun in their communication is now a platform for prowlers. Let us educate ourselves on how to avoid kids from metaverse dangers.

1. Educate kids about Metaverse threats

It is imperative as a parent to educate your child about Metaverse risks. Communicate the red flags to them. Explain the repercussions of predators waiting for kids to fall for the gimmicks. Share real stories that are an eye-opener for them.

2. Maintain communication with your kids

As much as kids enjoy being on Snapchat and having a fun time, it is vital to communicate with them about online socializing. It helps you to understand if your kid is a sufferer of sexting, cyberbullying, gambling, or any other threat. Keep open communication with your kids. Let them know that you are open to any communication.

3. Build trust with your kids

Building trust with your kids is the key to preventing your child fall for Metaverse dangers. Children want their identity and wish to explore their side of the story. Let the children know what happens on a social media platform like Snapchat. Instead of dictating, be a friend and talk to your child. You will find the conversation easygoing.

4. Use parental monitoring app to track every online activity

The best way to have Metaverse safety is to install a parental monitoring app like Tispy to track every online activity of your child. It allows you to read messages, knows how much time your child was on that website, the call timings, and more. When you have the statistics in front of you, it will become easy for you to discuss the same with your child.

Summing Up on Metaverse Safety

In the end, we all want our child’s safety. It is not wrong to be on social media or gaming zone. It is inappropriate to fall into the hands of predators. We cannot bind them from using the Metaverse platform, but we can prevent them from falling into Metaverse risks.

Smart measures to ensure safe device usage by your children.