7 Pros & Cons of Social Media for Teens and How Parents Can Monitor It

Social media platforms have become a big part of our lives since they were first introduced. We spend a significant part of our day browsing websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We record our lives online through a series of posts, pictures, tweets, etc. Teenagers use social media much more than adults. A major part of social media website user bases comprises of teenagers and young adults.

Why do teenagers like social media so much?

Social media platforms refer to websites or applications where you can create, upload, and share posts, photographs, and other types of online content. They also allow you to connect and network with anyone around the world. Before understanding why teenagers are so fond of social media, let us first become familiar with the most popular sites out there.

Facebook: A free website where you can share posts, links, pictures, and videos with friends connected within your network.

Snapchat: A smartphone application where you can send picture or video messages to your friends or followers. These messages can be viewed only for a limited period of time as set by the sender.

Instagram: An image sharing website and phone application where you can upload pictures and videos. This app is a favorite among celebrities and influencers.

WhatsApp: This is a messaging application that allows you to send messages, videos, pictures, and documents to your friends using the internet. Unlike traditional SMS services, WhatsApp messaging is free and only requires an internet connection.

Apart from the websites and apps mentioned, there are countless other messaging platforms, gaming sites, and blogs that teenagers use to share content and connect with friends.

The biggest reason why teenagers use social media is because it is the easiest way to stay connected with friends. Much before social media made its debut, teenagers used to connect with their friends by calling them on the telephone, hanging out at the park, or going to the mall. Social media has just become another platform that enables them to do the same things they have been doing for decades.

Social media apps have made it extremely easy for teens to keep their friends updated on what is going on in their lives. They allow easy group conversations unlike traditional telephones. It also allows them to interact with new people from around the world. Social media is also a great way for kids to stay abreast of current events.

Another major reason why teenagers are always fixed on social media is because it helps pass the time, especially when you are bored. The internet, especially social media, has created a phenomenon known as FOMO – Fear of missing out. Teenagers are the most susceptible to this craze as they do not like being left behind. They are always online on social media platforms because they are afraid they are not up to date or are missing out on something important, be it a party at a cool kid’s house, a best friend’s selfie, or current events.

Can Teenagers Face Adverse Effects From Using Too Much Social Media?

The answer is – everything when done in excess can be harmful, including social media. The key to enjoying the perks of the internet is moderation. It is important for your children to be socially connected with their peers and friends. But social media can also turn into an addiction, something that affects thousands of teenagers every day globally. It also contains various kinds of risks that you should be aware of.

Let us explore the pros and cons of teenagers using social media.

The Pros of Social Media for Teens

  1. Keeps them abreast of current events and new technology and keeps them better informed
  2. Helps them develop better social and interactive skills
  3. Keeps them connected with friends and peers
  4. Allows them to share ideas and explore their creative sides
  5. Makes them feel less alone and isolated
  6. Boosts self-esteem
  7. Is a great way to study and conduct research for school or college

The Cons of Teens Using Social Media

  1. Becoming disconnected from family and friends due to spending a large part of time online
  2. Falling victims to or participating in online bullying
  3. Sharing personal information online and becoming unsuspecting victims to hackers, scammers, and frauds
  4. Developing decreased self-esteem
  5. Exposure to inappropriate or adult content
  6. Decreased productivity and increased laziness
  7. Reduced interpersonal and social skills, especially face-to-face communication skills

As you would do in the offline world, it is important that you keep your children safe in the virtual world. Before you take necessary steps to ensure this, learn about the risks posed by social media. To protect kids from the world of social media parents should take responsibility as well monitor the activities that happens in kids smart phones. For that TiSpy is offer great parent monitoring software to track kid’s internet usage. This will allow you to do the right thing to keep them safe while they enjoy the perks of social media.


Smart measures to ensure safe device usage by your children.