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3 Ways Parents Can Track Children’s GPS Location Anytime, Anywhere for Their Safety

he numbers of increasing rate of kidnapping and missing children around the world have made most of the parents more concerned about their children’s security. Furthermore, they are always worried about which places they visit every day and whom they meet while they go out of home for school or college. There are chances that children may meet someone who might misguide them. Therefore, it is always advisable to parents, to track GPS location of their children so that they can monitor whom they are meeting and where they are going. It’s always better to plan for children’s safety than to regret later.

Sometimes keeping eye on children’s social media accounts and other Instant Messaging Apps such as WhatsApp and Instagram stories might helpful but usually, children are smart enough to hide these posts from their parents. Fortunately, due to advancement in technology, it is possible to track children’s activities with their GPS location. Parents can track the location of their kids in a unique way using a spy app or cell phone monitoring software by installing software like TiSPY. And, the uniqueness about this app is, it is safe, easy to use and cost-effective. It can be easily bought and installed and one can contact customer center anytime for an assistance.

Below are some ways in which such apps or other cell phone monitoring software help the parents in monitoring their activities of children, particularly keeping eye on the places they visit:

1. GPS Live Tracking & Location History:

This feature allows the parents to instantly track their children’s current phone location via GPS. It is possible with the help of live tracking feature to trace where exactly the children are. The inbuilt map in a dashboard helps parents to know the same. Also, the parents can get the exact pinpoint location of the child’s device anytime and also save that data for future reference. Parents can easily check live location either on Map view or Satellite view. Parents can also view the location history of child’s smart phone along with date, time, longitude & latitude. Moreover, parents can even identify the location of children even when regular GPS is unavailable. Hence, keeping eyes on the children with a spy app is probably the best way of protecting them so that they live a happy and secure life.

2. Location Path:

This feature of a Spy app allows you to track children’s location history along with path through their smartphones and tablets so the parents can know exactly where they have been throughout the day or at a particular time. Also, it is possible to get the complete picture through an online map built into a dashboard. It also helps us to know the frequently visited places by the children so that the parent can get predict about the child’s next visit to that place.

3. Set & Get Geofencing Alert:

This is one of the most useful features for any spy app user as it minimizes most of the worries of the parents. With the help of Geofence feature, it is possible to monitor specific places and make the children stay away from those places.

The feature allows its user to receive an alert when a child leaves safe area. Parents can create a geofence around their home or your child’s school and they will receive an alert when their child will try to leave it. Parents can set unlimited locations, areas, and places in ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ place lists. It is simple to categorize the places. In addition, setting a geofence around the home or around your most visited places could be a handy idea even for finding the stolen devices. This feature really helped many parents to stop their kids playing Pokemon Go on roads and saved their life.

After tracking the live location parents will be still worried about their children’s, because they won’t be able to know the surrounding of their kids by just looking at map. TiSPY allows parents to see surroundings of their kids using smart phone’s camera. Parents can also listen the voice of kids surrounding via smartphone mic which they can easily manage via TiSPY dashboard.

The Last Word:

When it matter is about your child’s safety, there should not be any second thought or hesitation to take the initiative to protect them, even if you need to think out of the box. Thankfully, the spy app like TiSPY will be handy you to protect your child and also it will help you considerably to keep eye on them. So, instead of waiting for more, try the app now and also spread the good news among your friends and relatives so they too can protect their child with this unique technology.