How Can Parents Track Their Child’s Location For Their Safety? : 6 Ways to Know

Are you worried about your child’s whereabouts while they are out?

Parents are often stressed about their kid’s well-being when they are not at home. Kids tend to lie about their location when away from their parents. The child abduction cases have increased so much that statistics report, approximately 8 million kids are reported missing each year worldwide.

Parents can track a child’s location as a solution to all their worries about the child’s safety while they are out. But, how to track your kid’s phone location? The following article gives you a detailed solution to  all your worries about your kid’s wellbeing.

Why Do You Need To Track Your Child’s GPS Location?

The ever-increasing child abduction cases and missing children have raised tensions for the parents. It has become important for parents to know about their children’s whereabouts.

There are also cases when your child might be lying about their location. To save children from any mishap, parents should track the child’s location. Location tracking app help parents to track their children’s live locations. In emergency or accident cases; parents can reach the child’s location faster. Hence, you need to track your children’s locations to ensure their safety.

How Does A Parental Monitoring App Help You Track Your Child’s Location?

Parental monitoring apps like TiSPY, provide location tracking features for parents to ensure their young ones’ safety all the time.

The location tracking apps help parents in the following ways:

1.Live Location Tracking

live location tracking

The mobile location tracker provides information about a child’s live location. The information comes with real-time updates. A mobile location tracker like TiSPY offers a dashboard to the parents. This dashboard can track their child’s live location. The tracking information is constantly updated and provides accurate information about the child’s current location. Parents can easily track their kids using the mobile location tracker.

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2.Keep A Record Of Location Path

track location path

The location tracking apps also record the location path history the kids have followed. In cases when kids might get lost, follow an unsafe path while going somewhere or go to places that might be dangerous for them. The parental control software can track the location path history of kids. Thus, it helps parents to ensure their safety.

There also might be cases when kids follow an unusual path, parents can easily track them using a mobile location tracker and save them in case of any emergencies.

3.Set Geofencing Alerts

It is impossible to keep track of a child’s location while working. The geofencing feature of location tracking apps like TiSPY comes to the rescue of parents. Geofencing is a way of virtual fencing to restrict the area or locations on the map where a child usually goes, like; school, parks, tuition, or at a friend’s place. Parents can geofence the usual locations and paths that are safe for their children. Every time the child moves out of this virtual fencing; the app sends location alerts to parents. This way, they can track the location and ensure their child’s safety.

4.Seamless Map Display Interface

The mobile location tracker like TiSPY provides seamless map display for parents. Parents can conveniently access their child’s location on the maps. In cases of any emergencies, this feature can help parents reach their children faster. It will save them from any foreseen danger. The live location of the kids is available on the map on the dashboard provided by the mobile location tracker.

5.Track Your Child’s Location Without Knowing Them

Parents can track their child’s location without them knowing using location-tracking apps. The location tracking app works in stealth mode on your child’s device. Hence, the app is hidden from your child’s visibility. It works in hidden mode and does not let the child know about the tracking. Parents can get real-time updates of their child’s location remotely on their devices.

6.Analyze Your Child’s Activities Through Location History

location tracking of kid

Parents can track their child’s activities through location history using a mobile location tracker like TiSPY. The child might go to unsafe places, follow unusual paths, or even in cases of emergencies. Parents get all the information on their dashboard and can analyze their child’s activities through the location history. It even records the child who has stopped by and the path they followed while coming back home. With regular tracking, parents can analyze the patterns in suspicious cases.


In the dangerous outer world, it is natural for parents to be worried about their child’s well-being while they are out alone. A mobile location tracker like TiSPY can solve this problem for parents. It provides various benefits, like real-time and date updates of a child’s location, location history tracking, geofencing, and map display. In this way, parents can easily track their child’s location anytime, anywhere to ensure their safety.

Smart measures to ensure safe device usage by your children.