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Problematic Smartphone Usage (PSU): Is Your Child Suffering From It?

What is Problematic Smartphone usage?

Problematic smartphone use is smartphone addiction that includes spending excessive time and money on smartphones or device. Using your device all the time even when you are in company with other people or in a social place is considered as problematic smartphone use. Using your smartphone in situations that will put you as well as other people in danger is also included in problematic smartphone use. The addiction is related to the excessive use of websites, social media platforms, various applications, etc.


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Excessive use of
smartphones is quite common in kids nowadays. The reason behind this is that
parents give their kids smartphones at a very young age. Kids are naive and it
is difficult for them to understand about the harmful and negative
of the excessive use of smartphones. Problematic smartphone use has
a harmful effect on the mental health of a person. It can damage self-esteem
and self-confidence. Excessive usage of social media can also lead to
depression and anxiety. Internet is full of dark things that can harm the
mental health of a kid. Kids can also get bullied on social media, which can
cause a negative effect in their mind.


Negative effects of Smartphone

It has been
observed that the people who spend a lot of time on mobile phones have
difficulty to concentrate for a longer period of time. Kids who are addicted to
smartphones mostly spend their time inside a house rather than going out and
playing with their friends. This makes them physically inactive and causes a
lot of problems like obesity. Using smartphones during night before sleep can
cause technological
and can disturb the whole sleep schedule. Because of less sleep.
The next day gets ruined and it eventually affects your concentration.


Steps to Overcome Smartphone

In order to
overcome problematic smartphone use, kids must learn how to manage the use of
smartphones efficiently. Certain steps must be taken to protect yourself from
the harmful and negative effects of excessive usage of smartphones. Some of
these steps are mention below:


1)    Reduce smartphone use


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You must
make a proper schedule for using your smartphone. Set some ‘phone-free’ times
and avoid using of mobile phones in that specific schedule. Increase the
‘phone-free’ times gradually and this way you can reduce the usage of mobile
phones in your day to day life. It will be difficult at first but try to
indulge yourself in some other activities during the ‘phone-free’ times.
Basically, go on a Digital Detox.


2)    Distract yourself



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Distraction is
an efficient technique with the help of which you can manage the usage of
smartphone. Try to involve yourself in various activities whenever you feel
like using your mobile phones. You can go for a walk or run for distracting
yourself. You can also read a book to keep yourself distracted.  Try to do something that will keep your mind
occupied. This way you can easily avoid the excessive usage of mobile phones
throughout the day and increase your Digital


3)    Stop using phone at night


Using Phone at Night.jpg

the use of mobile phones at night will help you in getting better sleep. As we
know that the usage of mobile phones at night can be very harmful. It can cause
insomnia and it can also disturb the whole sleeping schedule. This has a
negative effect on your daily routine as you feel tired the next day if you
haven’t slept properly. Hence, it is advised to not use phone before going to
sleep and avoid excessive
screen time


4)    Parental control app

after all these steps if the kid doesn’t stop using mobile phones throughout
the day then parental control app is the best option. With the help of parental
control app, parents can monitor all the activities done by their kid on the
mobile phones. If a kid is using any specific website for a longer period of
time then parents can block that
by using parental control app.


 Parental control app also allows you to set
screen time so that you can easily prevent the excessive usage of smartphones
without even constantly monitoring kids throughout the day.  Most of the parents prefer using parental
control apps because nowadays they don’t have enough time to keep an eye on
their kids as they are also busy with their works. Parental control app
provides all in one solution to protect the kids from all the online threats
and also problematic smartphone use.

These are some
of the ways with the help of which you can prevent problematic smartphone use.
Kids are very sensitive and naive and it becomes important to pay proper
attention to them because they are unaware about the harmful effects that a
smartphone can have on them.