Technological Insomnia: Are your children becoming over-stimulated?

As the name suggests, technological insomnia is a condition in which a person is not able to get proper sleep or have trouble getting it because of the use of new technologies that are being introduced in our day to day life at a very rapid pace. This ultimately affects your whole day and disturbs overall schedule. These new technologies include smart phones, tablets, and even computers. New technologies have started to become a part of our life and we are not even able to notice it. They have become an important element of our daily routine because these technologies somehow make our life easier than it was before. But, everything comes with a price, no matter how much easier our life is after the introduction of these technologies, but they indirectly have an adverse effect on our health.

technological insomnia

Almost everyone has a smart phone nowadays. We spend a lot of time on our smart phones or computers or televisions without knowing, that how much it affects our brain. We have become habituated to these technologies. For example, almost everyone has the habit of using smart phones or even watching television before going to sleep. They think that this helps in relaxing their mind and slowly we all have accustomed to it.

There are no limits set by us in using these technologies. We are using them without any restrictions and the same is the case with the children. This is one of the main reasons why this condition is getting more prominent in kids slowly. They are addicted to playing games, watching videos and with all the study materials available on the internet; it becomes more difficult to separate them from the smart phones.

Now before we get into the causes of technological insomnia, we must know how the phenomena of sleep occur in our body. There is a gland named pineal gland which is located in our brain, as the sun sets or there is darkness then at that time it starts releasing a hormone called ‘melatonin’. This hormone is spread throughout our body with the help of blood circulation and ultimately makes us fall asleep. Now what happens is that these technologies that we use emit artificial lights that have a direct effect on the pineal gland and which results in unhealthy sleep, causing technological insomnia.

Technological insomnia will cause laziness throughout your whole day as you did not have enough sleep during the night. All your tasks which you thought to accomplish during the day will suffer along with you because there won’t be much energy inside you to finish your daily tasks. This will give rise to anxiety and stress in your body. In the end, your mental health will be sacrificed. It might be hard to believe but technological insomnia can also cause chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, asthma, etc.

This disease has a harmful effect on your overall health that is physically as well as mentally. It is really very harmful to your eyesight. It causes dry eyes which is quite painful and makes your eyes red and itchy. It can also lead to blurred vision and eye spasms. Along with the eye, it also damages your brain. You might slowly start to lose your ability to focus or concentration power which can result in memory loss. Regardless to say, your daily routine will be totally disturbed because you won’t be attentive enough to focus and you won’t even have enough strength for your daily work.

Technological insomnia is not untreatable. It can be treated but not with the help of sleeping pills because they can actually make things worse. There are many other ways for curing it. For example,

  1. Maintaining a proper schedule: You must decide a specific time regarding when you go to sleep and when you wake up. This schedule has to be followed strictly. It will be difficult at first but slowly you will get used to it.
  2. Avoid the use of technologies before sleep: After making a schedule you must stop using your smart phones or laptops one hour prior to sleep. This will be really helpful for a better nap.
  3. Night mode: If it is very important to use your smart phone during the night then make sure you enable the night mode or dim the brightness. This will lower the strain on your eyes and will help you to sleep with ease.
  4. Stop using Bright Lights: At night time it’s important for you to avoid bright lights as much as possible. For that, you can use dim lights as they will be beneficial for a sound sleep.

Technological insomnia has started to become very common in kids. We are so busy in our day to day life that we hardly get time to look after them, and with this much freedom at such young age, it is completely possible for them to misuse it. But, with the help of the Parental Control App, you can control what your child is watching and can also restrict them from watching it, ensuring better health for the children.

Smart measures to ensure safe device usage by your children.