Christmas Holiday Season Alert: Make sure your teen has a ‘Tech Safe’ & Fun Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and it is that time of the year again when there are joy and merriment all around. This is the time that creates ever lasting memories. One of the most excited bunch of people eagerly waiting for the holiday season are the teens. This is finally the time when they can take a break from their studies and have fun to their heart’s content. Teens have their itinerary for the holiday’s planned way before time. These days, teens mostly hang out with their friends during the holiday season. They stay at their friends’ house for a couple of days or go on short trips to nearby locations. This is also the time when they try to catch up on the latest movies or visit the colorful carnivals happening nearby.

Regardless of the activity chosen by your teenage kids this Christmas, you will notice that all of their plans are strongly connected and related to the internet and their smartphone use. For instance, all the tickets for their trips, movies, and carnivals are availed from the internet. Finding out the best places to visit is searched on the Internet. All the plans for the holidays are made online with their friends. And, most importantly, all the activities that they do during their Holidays will be eventually found on their social media pages. Teens spend hrs. to take that perfect click that they can post on the internet. Be it the simple things like eating a pie or the best stuff like visiting a scenic nature’s beauty. As a parent, it is natural for you to be concerned about the safety of your child and worry about where he/she is going or who are the ones he/she is hanging out with. Since the teens are mostly busy on their smartphones, an easy way for parents to be certain of their child’s safety is by using a good parental control software.

Cool Features of a Parental Control Software

The urge to protect the child from all the evils of the world is inherent in a parent. During the Christmas season, when the teens are away from their parents for quite some time, it is natural for the parents to start worrying. In such a situation, the installation of a spy software in the smartphone of the child can feel like a blessing for an anxious parent.

The new age parental control apps for internet comes with so many cool features that you are bound to become a fan. When you have a parental control software like TiSPY installed on the smartphone of your child, you can stay assured of his/her safety even from a distance. There is no longer a need for you to wait for your teen’s phone call, Whatsapp or SMS on his/her current status and further plans for the remaining holidays. There are certain times when you just know it that there is something fishy. So, keep your worries aside and get your hands on the real facts. The following are some of the amazing features that you can find in a parental control Software like TiSPY.

Location Tracking:The location tracking feature of a spy software is all about letting you know the past and current location of your child in real-time. TiSPY provides you real-time interactive maps that help you in drawing out the full path of the phone for the day. You will be sent notifications on the parental control apps when your child reaches his destination. The additional feature of GeoFencing in a parental control application lets you know if anyone has entered or left the location of your child.

Key Logger: An advanced parental control software like TiSPY gives you the ability to learn what they are typing on their smartphones. You get to see every single thing typed on the phone in the past few hours by using this Keylogger. Even if the records of incoming and outgoing messages are deleted by the user of the phone, you can still get all the information from TiSPY dashboard.

Social media tracker: With this parental control software, you can learn all about the social media accounts of your teen. Top features for tracking social media like, Facebook tracker, Whatsapp tracker, Hike, Hangouts and more are accessible via the parental control apps installed on the phones. Besides the text messages, you will also be able to monitor all the media files that are exchanged on the parental control software

Call and SMS tracker: As a parental monitoring app, TiSPY displays the mobile number, call duration, and location of each call. It also provides you with a SMS tracker which will allow you to view all the SMS threads on your kid’s smartphone. In case the number is registered in a phone book, you will also get the name and image of the person on the parental control apps.

Reasons to look up to Parental Control Software

It is important to let kids have fun during the holidays so that, they can go back to their studies with a rejuvenated mind. However, it is equally necessary to ensure that the kids are safe while they are having fun. This is where the parental control applications come into the picture as one of the surest ways for parents to be assured of their child’s safety.

So, waste no further time in availing a quality parental control application for your teenage kid. Just install the spy software secretly to their devices and you are all set to monitor the security and safety of your teen.

Wishing you Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year.

Have enjoyable and ‘Tech Safe’ holidays this year.


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