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With Tispy, you can remotely monitor current location of your children and loved ones directly from your TiSPY dashboard using inbuilt dashboard map.

Do your children keep lying to you about where they are going? Would you like to be able to watch them with details of exactly where they’ve been and when? TiSPY allows you to instantly track their phone location. Location feature enables you to see exactly where they are with inbuilt map in your dashboard. Keeping eyes on your kids with TiSPY is your best way of protecting them to give a happy and secure life.


TiSPY gives you facility to:

  • Monitor their current location on a detailed map.
  • Identify their location even when regular GPS is unavailable.
  • Access all location information directly from your TISPY dashboard Panel.


Location tracking without GPS

This is very handy feature that every parents need! Depending only on the GPS connection doesn't always enough. Most of the users turn off their GPS & data plans. To handle this situations where GPS can not deliver Location tracking results, TiSPY introduced it's location tracker without GPS. It is no longer difficult for parents to track the whereabouts of their children even in the absence of GPS.


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