How can Parents ensure the Digital Wellbeing of their child ?

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A lot of advancement has occurred in technology recently. In everyday life everyone is constantly surrounded by digital devices. We are constantly in touch with our mobile phones. Because of this we are not able to take out time for our family or any other work. People are so much attached to their phones that they do not pay attention to anything else. Kids are constantly spending their time on mobile phones where they play games, chat with friends, watch videos, or use social media platforms. They might not realise but these things have a negative impact on their day to day life.

Digital wellbeing is a concept that describes or evaluates the physical and mental health when people interact with technology. Technologies have become an integral part of our life now and it is important to know its effects that it has on our health. It is important to know about digital wellbeing and how technologies around us are affecting it. Digital wellbeing gets affected when a person spends a lot of time on the internet or other digital devices. Technologies were made to make our life simpler and easier. But excess of anything is bad and we must know the implications of excessive use of technologies that have harmful effects on our health. Digital Detox is required to ensure Digital Wellbeing.

Everyone is constantly using mobile phones. Even adults are always on their phone when they are with their family. Instead of sitting and talking with their kids they are glued to their mobile phones. Similarly, kids do not want to spend time with their family. They are more interested and busy in their virtual world and various social media platforms. Kids will be at home during the summer break and it will be very difficult to step them from using their mobile phone. The reason behind this is that if the parents will not pay proper attention to their kids and will use mobile phones then kids will also replicate what they see. Hence it is important for parents to know the impact it will have on their kids.

Feeling bored is one of the main reasons for kids to use their mobile phones. During the vacation they will be at home and they won’t have much to do. Because of this they will be on their phones for a larger period of time. Earlier, they used to go to school and they were busy with their work that they got from school. But on vacation they are free and have no work at all. All this leads to boredom that eventually means more time on mobile phones and technologies.

Parents should be more responsible and avoid usage of phones while they are around their kids. Because kids will learn what they watch and if parents are using phones then kids will also do the same. Parents should talk to their kids and make them aware of the harmful effects of excessive use of technologies. They should motivate their kids and they must spend some time with them regularly for a healthier relationship and environment at home. As a parent, you must guide them through this and help them in getting rid of digital devices. Parents cannot just directly ask them to stop using mobile phones. First, they should stop the use of mobile phones in front of their kids and act as a role model for them. This will help and motivate kids in not using these devices for a longer time.

Well the common question is how can one achieve digital wellbeing?  It is certainly not a difficult task and a family together can achieve digital wellbeing. Here are some basic steps that you should follow:

  • Kids should go out and play instead of spending all their time on mobile phones and the internet.
  • A screen time limit should be set for both parents and kids in order to decrease the usage of mobile phones.
  • The use of mobile phones and televisions or any other electronic gadgets should be avoided before sleeping. This will help in improving sleep quality.
  • While you are doing any other activity then it is important that your complete focus is on it and you are not distracted by phones so it is better to keep them away.
  • Kids should not be given mobile phones at an early age and they should also be kept away from computers and laptops.
  • Regular exercise should be done as a part of physical activity in order to stay fit.
  • Try to get engaged in more work and keep yourself busy because if you stay idle then phones will eventually draw your attention.
  • Try to reduce the use of digital devices slowly instead of removing them instantly for a longer period of time.

To ensure digital wellbeing as a family, parents and kids should sit together and create a set of rules and should strictly follow them. Socializing should be encouraged by parents and they must constantly talk with their kids and do some activities with them. This will help kids to share their problems and issues with their parents without hesitating. Parents should also encourage kids to follow their hobbies such as reading, drawing, etc.

Parental control app can be very important when it comes to maintaining digital wellbeing. It can help you to restrict the usage of mobile phones. You can also know what your kid is constantly doing on his/her mobile phone and internet. Parents can also block harmful content that is on the internet. Parental control apps allow you to take control of your child and its activity on the internet without any complexity.

Parents are always worried regarding their kids and what they might be doing on their mobile phone. Hence, digital wellbeing is very important and a balance of everything is needed.

Smart measures to ensure safe device usage by your children.