Digital Parenting:Tips to protect your child with Parental Control App

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We all are familiar with the word ‘parenting‘ and its meaning. But in recent times, along with ‘parenting‘ the concept of ‘digital parenting’ is also introduced. As the use of technologies is constantly increasing day by day, it has changed the whole concept of parenting. Now, parenting is more difficult than it was before. Not only from the physical world but kids should also be protected from the virtual and online world now. Digital Parenting is equally as important as parenting because kids nowadays are spending most of their time on mobile phones, internet, and computer and hence it becomes important to keep a close eye on them to see if they are safe or not. Because, the internet and mobile phones can be very dangerous if not used carefully. It is important for parents these days to pay proper attention to their kids because of the danger they pose due to technologies. Parents should restrict the screen time of their child.

It is a digital age and almost every kid has a smartphone. They have been given smartphones at a very early age. At such an early age it is difficult for kids to know regarding the harmful effects of technology it can cause to them. Slowly, the use of mobile phones and internet increases and they are on every social media platform. This is the reason why parenting has become so difficult in recent times. There are so many technologies around kids that parents have to know regarding them in order to know its effect on their kids.

Parents have to be more responsible now as the situation is more difficult nowadays because of all the technologies and mobile phones. They have to be more focused and attentive to protect their kids.

1) Talk with your kids

It is one of the most simple and important things to do. Good communication is always helpful. Parents must communicate with their kids regularly. This will make kids more comfortable around their parents and if there is any problem that they are facing then they won’t hesitate to share it with them. Parents must stay calm and should be direct while talking to their kids regarding any matter. Parents can discuss the use of technologies and its dangerous and harmful effects. Try to stay in touch with them constantly and listen to kids when they try to share something.

2) Learn the tech

You won’t be able to solve the problems of your kids until and unless you know about it. Hence, it is very important and necessary to educate yourself regarding the technologies that are around you. Parents must know what their kids are using. Only if they know regarding the technologies, they will be able to find out regarding the dangers it poses to their kids. Even if you do not like technologies, you will still have to learn regarding it in order to keep your kids safe. Parents must stay updated regarding all the technologies that are used by their kids.

3) Set ground rules

Parents must set some rules at home if they want to decrease the amount of time spent by kids on their mobile phones. They can set a proper schedule of using mobile phones at home or they can also decide some amount of time to be given to phones and computers while at home. Mobile phones must be avoided while eating and reading or any other tasks are being done. Use of phones, computers, and televisions should be strictly avoided before sleeping as they will affect your sleeping pattern. After setting the rules make sure to check if they are strictly getting followed or not.

4) Become a good digital role model

There is a saying,”Be the change you want to see in others”. This is perfect for this situation. If you want your kids to follow you then first you have to stop using mobile phones all the time and in front of kids. Because kids will eventually do what they see in front of them. So, parents have to become a role model for their kids and stop using mobile phones on a frequent basis. This will have a positive impact on the kids and soon you will notice a decrease in the usage of phones by your kids.

5) Digital baby-sitting

Parents should keep a track of activities that their kids are doing. They must closely follow and monitor all the activities done by their kids online. There is no need to spy or stalk them. Try to be a friend and talk to them calmly. Follow them on social media and try to stay connected. But always make sure that you do not overdo it because that will eventually make your kids frustrated and angry. Try to act like a friend.

6) Parental control app

Parental control app is one of the best ways to ensure the safety of your kids. With the help of a parental control app like TiSPY you can easily know regarding all the online activities of your kids. You can easily manage websites that might be harmful for your kids. It is one of easiest and effective ways to keep your kids safe from all the online threats.

Parents have to be more responsible now as the situation is more difficult nowadays because of all the technologies and mobile phones. They have to be more focused and attentive to protect their kids.

Smart measures to ensure safe device usage by your children.