What Is BeReal App? How To Protect Children From BeReal Dangers

It’s not uncommon for parents to worry about their teens’ use of BeReal. With so much content on their feeds, teens can face bullying, peer pressure, and unrealistic views of their peers’ lives. These factors can contribute to increased feelings of depression and anxiety. When a person constantly sees only the idealized versions of their friends’ lives, it can make their own life feel inadequate. Overall, social media can be a huge distraction and a source of stress for teenagers.
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What is BeReal?

The app’s name, BeReal, suggests a more genuine portrayal of someone’s life. Many parents and teenagers have grown tired of the idealized and embellished versions of life that some of their peers put on display. Instead of being true to themselves or opening up about their struggles, many focus on projecting a perfect image to their followers. However, constantly putting on a facade and ignoring real-life issues can be tiring. It is why Apple created the BeReal app, which promises to be transparent and authentic.

Why is BeReal so popular?

The app is a simple photo-sharing platform designed for use among friends. Each day, at a different time, users share one photo. Since there is no set schedule for photo-sharing, users cannot plan or enhance their pictures for the best impression. This approach aims to create a more authentic look into each individual’s life. With a limitation of just one photo per day, the app eliminates the endless scrolling that other apps require. Additionally, the app does not offer video content as an option.

Is BeReal safe for kids or teens to use?

Sharing photos publicly is a matter of concern from a safety standpoint. When an image is shared publicly, it allows the person who shared it to view other photos. You have no control over what is being shared, increasing the risks associated with strangers or predators. It means that if your teenager is scrolling through the discovery feed, they could be exposed to inappropriate content. Even if your teen intends to share photos privately, it might be tempting for them to start posting their photos publicly to scroll through the discovery feed.

BeReal Dangers and Risks

BeReal captures images using front and back cameras, raising privacy concerns due to pressure to create and post within a two-minute window. Posting within this timeframe may cause users to be late.

Strangers Can Find Your Kids

It is important to note that BeReal App is designed to protect the privacy and safety of its users. However, it is still essential for parents to educate their children about the potential risks of interacting with strangers online. Like any social media platform, strangers can find and contact children on the app. It is also advisable for parents to supervise their children’s use of the app and to have open and honest conversations about online safety.


Location Sharing

Location sharing on the BeReal app can be a danger in several ways. Firstly, if users share their location with strangers or acquaintances whom they do not know well, it can lead to them being stalked or tracked. It can be a significant safety concern, especially for vulnerable groups such as women and children. Additionally, if the app’s location-sharing feature is hacked or compromised, it can lead to users’ personal information being leaked to malicious actors. It can result in identity theft, fraud, and other harmful consequences.

Location sharing

Negative Emotions

Negative emotions can be a danger to BeReal App in several ways. Firstly, if users express hateful or offensive comments, it can create a toxic environment that makes other users feel uncomfortable, unsafe, and unwelcome. It can result in users leaving the app, negatively impacting the community. Secondly, negative emotions can also lead to cyberbullying, a severe issue that can cause emotional distress for victims. It can harm young people who may not have the emotional resilience to cope with such attacks.

Negative Emotions

No Parental Controls

While the BeReal app has many features that make it popular among users, the lack of parental controls can be a significant safety concern, especially for young users. Without parental control, children and teenagers risk being exposed to inappropriate content and online predators. They can also be more vulnerable to cyberbullying and other forms of online harassment.

Tips to Keep Kids Safe on BeReal

Remember, it is important to be vigilant when it comes to your child’s online safety. By following these tips and staying involved in your child’s use of BeReal, you can help ensure that they stay safe while using the app.

Make BeReal Private

To protect your child’s online privacy, setting appropriate privacy settings on their BeReal profile is crucial. Ensure their profile is private so only their approved friends and family members can see their posts, pictures, and other activities on the platform. This way, you can ensure that your child’s online activities are only visible to the people they trust and avoid the risk of unwanted attention or cyberbullying.

Make Sure Their Location Settings Are Set To “Off”

As a responsible parent, you must ensure that your children’s location settings are turned off on BeReal. By doing so, you can protect your children’s privacy and reduce the risk of any potential dangers. With location settings turned off, you can rest assured that your children’s whereabouts are not being shared with strangers or anyone else. This simple step can go a long way in ensuring your children’s safety and giving you peace of mind.

Encourage Your Child Never To Share Any Personal

Encouraging your child never to share personal information on the BeReal app is essential for their safety. It helps protect their privacy and prevent them from becoming vulnerable to potential online predators. Educating your child about the importance of keeping personal information to themselves can help them enjoy a safe and positive experience on BeReal. It includes not sharing their home address, school name, phone number, or any other sensitive information that could be used to identify or locate them offline.

Use Parental Controls Like TiSPY

As a concerned parent, consider using parental control apps such as TiSPY to help you keep track of your child’s activities on the BeReal app. These apps offer a wide range of features that allow you to set limits on your child’s access to certain features of the app and control the amount of time they spend on it.

To Conclude

First and foremost, educating your children about the potential risks they may encounter online and in real life is essential. Teach them about the importance of privacy and caution them against sharing personal information with strangers. Ensure they understand the consequences of sharing inappropriate content or engaging in risky behaviors.

Another critical step is to set boundaries and establish rules for technology use. Monitor your children’s online activity and limit their screen time. Consider using parental controls and blocking software to prevent access to inappropriate content.

Finally, encourage open communication with your children. Create a safe and supportive environment where they feel comfortable discussing concerns or issues. Be aware of any changes in your child’s behavior or mood, and address any issues as soon as they arise.

Smart measures to ensure safe device usage by your children.