Quick & Easy Tips on How to Limit Your Child’s Exposure to Violence in the Media

What makes violent content unfit for children?

The integration of technology into our lives has created an almost infinite outlet for content. The smartphone era bases most of its social interactions on online platforms. Given the current landscape and the very nature of the internet, there is no restriction on any type of content at all. This further creates a greater concern encompassing the well-being of developing children. The endless outflow of information facilitated by the internet is accessible to people of all ages, including pre-teens and adolescents.

Effects of media violence on youth are drastic, to say the least. At a stage in their lives in which their brain formulates ideas and principles dictating their personality, media violence is simply hazardous. Most adolescents experience angst, which makes child exposure to violent media even more volatile. Given their enhanced grasping abilities, children are more likely to remember everything they learn. Media violence exposure in children needs to be carefully eliminated by their parents. In the digital era, responsible viewing of content is very important. Parents are the only line of defense that kids have.

However, we understand that parents aren’t omnipotent creatures who have everything figured out. So, here’s a quick list of the things that you can do to shield your kids from the effects of media violence on youth:-

#1 Know your kid’s friend circle

Knowing your kid is the solution to most parenting problems. However, getting to know your child also includes knowing his/her peer group. As a responsible parent, you must be aware of who your kid spends his time in school. There’s a possibility that a certain friend of your child is feeding him/her with inappropriate content. If that is the case, the next course of action should be consulting the parents of the concerned kid.

#2 Use a Parental Monitoring Software

It is fair to say that a significant chunk of the world we live in is digital. Our lives hang in the balance between what we see online and what we experience in the physical world. Children undergo the same experience. Therefore, parents must familiarize themselves with what their children do on their smartphones. In order to educate your child on the importance of staying away from violent media, you need to monitor if they aren’t already subjected to media violence. A good parental monitoring and control software like TiSPY gives you the power to know what websites your children visit, how much time they spend on the internet, what social media apps do they use, and what media they view on their smartphones.

#3 Familiarize yourself with Content Reviews

A smart way to shield your kid from media violence is reviewing the content you’re planning on sharing with your kid beforehand. A number of trustworthy content review websites like common sense media exist on the Internet. Furthermore, you can use word-of-mouth or your personal contacts to get input on the content you’re about to watch.

#4 Talk to other parents and get their perspective

Nobody knows everything. But, everybody knows something. Sharing these small chunks of information about content-screening can significantly help you deal with your kids getting unwanted effects of media violence on youth. However, you must be open to the possibility that other parents might have different views on what content is appropriate and what is not.

#5 Use your intuition about your kid as a guiding force

In most cases, during the early stages of a child’s life, they are closest to their parents. You are the people who know the most about your kid. Therefore, your opinion of the suitability of a certain piece of content must be given due importance. Even if you’re viewing something that is rated PG-13, make sure that it is devoid of things that your child has a personal distaste for. Another simple way to limit child exposure to media violence is by screening the selected content before you view it with your children. A screening before viewing the content with your kids can further guide your intuition to make the right choice.

#6 Don’t shy away from conversations about violent media that your kid has been exposed to

It is important to educate your kid on refraining from vie winging violent media. However, you must not turn your kids away if they ask questions about something they saw. Make sure you don’t dive into too many details but maintain a fair degree of honesty in your answers. You can always use a parental control software to initiate necessary conversations on your own. By knowing if your kid has been exposed to something worth talking about, you can intervene accordingly. TiSPY is viewed as the best parental control software by a number of parents, and it can serve all your needs in the most effortless manner.

The effects of media violence on youth can stay with them for a very long time. Therefore, it is important for parents to engage in appropriate parental control from time to time. A parental control android tool like TiSPY can open many doors in that regard. However, a parental monitoring software is merely a tool that parents can use. The bigger power at play will be the approach that parents take towards dealing with child exposure to violent media.

To Sum this up, the inclusion of technology in our lives has created a need for extra vigilance on the part of parents. The mind-boggling availability of uncensored content makes parents responsible for shielding their kids from violent media. A parental monitoring software like TiSPY can certainly make things easier!


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