Kids Safety: Most Common Harmful Words Used in Cyberbullying by Teens

Why Kids Easily Involve in Cyberbullying?

Everyone has heard of cyberbullying at some point in time in their lives. They might have heard it on the news or may have been victims of it themselves. Regardless, cyberbullying is a serious issue that affects people from all sects of society, especially kids and teens.

Children, kids, and teens are often found to surf the cyber world and can in the process get in touch with people with malicious intent. These people can be strangers or even people whom they know from the real world.

Teens get bullied on online platforms in many ways. Whether that be being called out and insulted with hurtful words, to spreading of the false rumor, to getting threating messages, kids are often subject to negative encounters on the web.

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Targets of Cyberbullying

Harassed Online

Cyberbullying is a serious matter for one out of every 50 children is found to be victims of cyberbullying. Many of the times the bullies are found to be other children and teen and people around the same age as the victim.

Young Kids

Children and teen are in general emotional and sensitive people and are easily subjected to blackmail and threats. Similarly, teens have a period of angst and rebellion which can very likely lead to them bullying others of the same age or younger on online social platforms.

Spreading False Rumors

On social forums, the most common type of cyberbullying is found to be the spreading of false information and rumors about certain individuals to taint and create a bad name for them given the viral nature of online content, rumours can spread like wildfire and can create a bad reputation for a person despite its falsity.

Harmful Words

Parents should always keep an eye on their kids Smartphone activity and be vigilant of any harmful word they might be receiving or sending to others. Some of words that hurt children are: Moron, Jerk, Nerds, Jerks, Ugly, Fatso, Slut, pervert, U r Stupid, Idiot, Weirdo, Dumb & much more.

Parents Should Not Believe Everything They Heard From Others

Also, if they happen to come across any offensive information or rumors about their children or any other child, it is important to not always believe what others say.

What to do if You Are a Target of Cyberbullying

It is never fun to be bullied, whether that be in real life or online. Still, if you happen to be a victim of cyberbullying, here are some of the things that you should do so that you may prevent such threats from happening in the future. Also, these actions help prevent getting bullied and can help provide safety once brought to the attention of the authorities.

  • Do Not Respond: if you find that you are receiving hurtful comments and threateningmessages, then the correct action is not to respond. By actively preventing from responding to any accusations or rumors, you can prevent the bullying from aggravating into something greater.
  • Bring it to The Attention of a Trustworthy Adult: if you feel like you are being a target of cyberbullying, then one should immediately let an adult know who you can trust. An adult will be able to guide you and advice you in such situations and help prevent you from getting further bullied.
  • Make Evidence: when getting cyberbullied, it is important to keep calm and save all conversations as evidence to present to the authorities. Screenshots and copies of all threatening messages and records of voice calls that suggest ill intent should be saved at all times.
  • Block the Bully: after saving and making all the copies of the conversation and messages, block the person immediately from all possible platforms.Blocking will help protect you and your information.
  • Contact the Police: no matter the cause and amount, cyberbullying is a criminal offense. If you happen to feel threatened by an individual, contacting the law enforcement and letting them know about the situation should be your top priority.
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TiSPY Parental Control App – Stay Safe While on the Internet

As a parent, it is vital that you monitor your child’s internet activity to ensure that he or she does not become a prey of cyberbullying. One way you can do that is by using parental monitoring control software like TiSPY.

TiSPY is a parental monitoring app that monitor and controls your and your child’s activity in the net and messaging platforms. TiSPY has several features that enable proper monitoring and protection of you and your child while on your phone and the net from Cyberbullies.

  • Social media monitoring: TiSPY supervises a user’s phone and their social media accounts like Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, Tinder, Hike and many more and will be able to save and log the texts that were transpiring. Using TiSPY, you can learn what texts threads are transpiring on these platforms of your child.
  • Webster monitoring: TiSPY allows you to see what websites a person is visiting, and for how long they were on the site from their phone. Phone Monitoring & Tracking:
  • Call profiling: Using TiSPY, you can see the numbers from which calls are being made to and received from along with the name of the person called and caller along with the duration for which the call had transpired.

TiSPY has a vast number of salient features that help protect you and your child from foreign invaders while on your phone and the internet. TiSPY is operational on both Android and computer systems and can help you achieve safety and protect from Cyberbullies.

Smart measures to ensure safe device usage by your children.