How to Track Browsing History Secretly on Your Kids Android Smartphone?

The Internet is a vast world with all sorts of knowledge. Today, you need to type a word, and tons of knowledge is available. With these perks, the Internet also brings in flaws with itself. Cybercrimes and frauds are increasing rapidly. Kids and teens are the most vulnerable group to fall prey to these frauds and cybercrimes.

Teens and kids do not use the internet securely and are prone to dangers, like identity theft, personal data breaches, etc. A statistical report shows that every teenager is falling prey to cybercrimes. These numbers are said to increase in the future.

But, how to monitor the browsing history of kids?

Parents can track their kids’ online activity through browsing history trackers. It will allow parents to monitor the websites their child is surfing and whether they are safe or not. Parents can also make sure that the information their kids are browsing is safe enough to consume.

Why Is There A Need To Track The Browsing History Of Your Kids?

The information is overloaded on the Internet. The world wide web can be a highly unsafe place for kids. If not monitored, the internet can have adverse effects on their mind. Parents have to ensure that the information their kids are consuming is safe. With effective monitoring, parents can save their kids from the many threats of the Internet. The reasons to track the browsing history of the kids are listed below: 

1. To Monitor Online Search Activities

monitor online search activities

A lot of information is available on the Internet easily. Any kind of information is available in just a few clicks. Kids at a young age are full of curiosity. With the convenience of the internet these days, they can search for anything on the internet very easily. Parents can track the browsing history to monitor the search activity of their kids. It helps parents to keep an eye on the content their kids are searching for. 

2. To Keep Safe From Abusive Content

child using phone

With a lot of information on the internet, you have no idea about the nature of content your kid is consuming. The information your kids are consuming might be harmful and abusive. This abusive content can have adverse effects on kids’ minds. It can even hinder their overall development. A cell phone internet history tracker allows you to monitor the nature of content your kids are consuming. It even allows you to block specific websites which may be harmful to the kids. Hence, creating a safe browsing environment for the kids

3. Able to Analyze a Child’s Mind and Behavior

The nature of content your kids are consuming directly affects the behavior of the child. If the child is consuming harmful and abusive content through browsing the internet, it starts showing in their thinking and behavior. We might observe the changes in a child’s mind and behavior but could not make out the reason. It is where a cell phone internet history tracker helps you to analyze your child’s mind and behavior. You can track the browsing history of the kid. Look into the content they are consuming to save them from any adverse effects.

4. Regular Checking of Browsing History

checking browsing history

Kids are prone to consuming any kind of content from the internet. They are also smart enough to delete the browsing history from time to time. You as parents, also need to become aware enough to continually check the browsing history of your kids. But, how can you secretly track browsing history?

The internet history tracker helps working parents to keep track of the web history of their kids. It lets parents keep an eye on the browsing history remotely. The tracking information is available on the dashboard provided by the tracker. You can even track deleted browsing history using an internet activity tracker. 

5. Keep Track of the Most Visited Sites

Kids are vulnerable to consuming many kinds of content on the internet. But, they might be consuming this kind of content on a regular basis. If the nature of the content consumed by them regularly is abusive, it may have harmful effects on kids’ minds. It can also affect their smooth development. Parents need to check the browsing history of their kids and keep a track of their most visited sites. They can track the frequency of the visited sites. They can also judge the type of content on these sites and what information is shared and consumed through it. Hence, ensuring an all-around tracking of kids’ internet browsing history. 

Tracking child’s web history

Now, when we know the reasons to track the browsing history of our kids, the question then comes is how to check someone’s history of internet use?

The Internet is a dangerous world. If its usage is not monitored, it can have adverse effects on the kids’ minds. A cell phone internet history tracker allows parents to track the browsing history easily,

  • A browsing history tracker like TiSPY helps parents in checking the nature of content their kid is consuming while browsing the Internet. 
  • It brings all the tracking updates on the dashboard provided by the tracking software, with real-time and date stamps. 
  • It provides URLs of the websites your kid has visited. You can click on the URL to monitor the content of the website. 
  • You can even block specific sites to prevent them from reaching the kids. 

But, how to view someone’s browsing history from a different phone?

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How To Track Internet History On The Cell Phone With TiSPY?

You can start tracking your child’s internet browsing history in just a few steps, 

  • Go to TiSPY’s website and purchase the plan of your choice.
  • Download TiSPY on targets and your device. 
  • Enter the credentials provided by TiSPY after purchase.
  • Start tracking the internet browsing history of your kids on your cell phone or other devices. 


The Internet has become an essential element of everyone’s lives. On the other hand, it also possesses immense dangers. Kids and teens at a young age are prone to these dangers. Parents need to take steps to create a safe browsing environment for the kids. They can track browsing history with tracking software like TiSPY. It allows parents to monitor their kids’ browsing history regularly. Hence, helping them to save their kids from threats of the internet.

Smart measures to ensure safe device usage by your children.