List Of Websites That Every Parents Should Block

As a parent, you must be concerned about your child’s safety and must often have searched for the list of inappropriate websites to block in 2022. You have landed up at the right place.

All parents are worried about their children having unfiltered access to the web. Many websites contain adult entertainment, gambling, and other things without a filter. Young children are usually unwary of these dangers. Guardians do not want their children to be exposed to such content as it can be extremely harmful. A study says 92% of teens post details through online profiles. 69% of teens receive personal messages from strangers online. Online content can be dangerous. There is a risk of being hijacked by groomers and pedophiles. Parents need to have a block website list. Are you concerned about what websites should be blocked?

Block This Website List to Save Your Kids from Dark Internet

If you understand the dangers of your kid looking up dangerous sites or apps, you should know which websites to block. We enlisted ten websites that you should block immediately.

1. Omegle

One of the most popular video chat websites, Omegle doesn’t need to register. The website work by pairing strangers randomly for an online chat. Omegle lets kids express interests but is an open invitation to get in trouble. Omegle does not monitor chats. It has loads of inappropriate content. Children can use the unmonitored version and get in danger.

2. Kik

block website from child's phone

Here is the second prime website to be blocked. So why should you block or track kik messaging.It is an instant messenger app used by anonymous people. Kids with anonymous users are a trouble spot. The app has adult-orientated tools that make it more dangerous than other chat-based apps. The users can search for anonymous partners and select interests from the apps list. The users are also able to send spam messages.

3. 4Chan

This is an image-based bulletin board that is like Reddit. But 4Chan is much more dangerous than Reddit. This website has a worrying list of dangers. The app is an inappropriate site for kids on the internet. The dangers of using this site include racism and inappropriate content. The app should be on the top of your inappropriate website list if you truly want to save your children.even you should block inappropriate content.

4. Whisper

If we are making a list of inappropriate websites to block, Whisper must be there on this list. Whisper is a dangerous website in the context of children. Whisper has an anonymous chat service and it focuses on explicit material. Like many other apps, this also focuses on harmful content. Its content can be everything that you do not want your kids to see.

5. Tinder

Although considered harmless for older men and women, Tinder is dangerous for kids. Tinder is harmful to kids to be present on. When you sign up for Tinder, all you need is an account on Facebook. The government banned Tinder for under-18s. Even then, it is easy to use a fake date of birth to get on Facebook. Kids still use Tinder. These users are between 13 and 17. If you found your child using tinder then you should spy on a child’s tinder chats.

6. Ask.FM website you should block

This is a question-and-answer website used among ages 13-to-17. This site might look harmless. Still, there are many reasons to keep kids off this website. The website has many inappropriate requests, cyberbullying, innuendos, and inappropriate content for young kids.

7. Toomics

This is an online website to read Webtoons for free. Common webtoons on the website are from different sources. There is some unfiltered content on them. Such cartoons can have inappropriate content or violent pictures.

8. is an online portal that makes it easy to meet people and make online friends. The website helps to make friends online over social media by creating a profile. If it gets into the hands of young kids, it can expose them to unwary dangers.


chatroulette block site

This website works like Omegle which is a video chat site. The app pairs people up for conversations without any age filter. They can participate in filtered and unfiltered chats. This app has a bad reputation. The site is as dangerous as it gets for young teens.


bovada lv block website

Bovada. lv is an online gambling site that offers poker, sports betting, horse racing, and casino games. It is a free website used by kids to gamble online. This can lead to dangerous results as the kids can get addicted to gambling.

Summing Up

These sites and apps that we listed might are usually not under the usual parental controls. This is because they are not considered problematic. But issues can arise if this site is handled by minors. The kids can use it in the wrong way and get into trouble. The websites have to be under monitoring to stay vigilant about your kids being on the web. So use the above blocked websites list and ensure your child’s safety on the web.

Smart measures to ensure safe device usage by your children.