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Set Geofence

Geo-fencing can take all your child related worries to end because If there are unsafe places from where you want your children to stay away than TiSPY's Geofence feature is the best solution on which you can rely. With TiSPY Geofence, you can monitor specific places and make your children stay away from those places.

The Geo-fencing feature of TiSPY lets it's user to receive alert when a target device leave safe area. This is the most needed & powerful feature for child safety. Create a geofence around your home or your child’s school and you will be alert when your child try to leave it. Setting a geofence around your home or even around your most visited places can be a useful tool for finding your stolen devices.


TiSPY gives you facility to:

  • Set unlimited number of ‘safe’ or ‘unsafe'(geofence) areas.
  • Set unlimited areas, locations and places in ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ place lists.
  • See when and how often each area is visited.
  • View history of child's movements on a inbuilt dashboard map.


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