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Geofence Alert

With TiSPY, you can remotely monitor your child and get instant alerts when your children enter or leave the areas that you have specified on your geofence.

TiSPY geofence allows you to set a location boundary so when your child enter or leave the place, you will immediately notified both in your dashboard and Email. You have complete control to set the location, boundary and distance so you immediately know where they are and what they are up to. Instantly receive alerts when your child leaves or enters to geofence area.


TiSPY gives you facility to:

  • Set unlimited number of ‘safe’ or ‘unsafe'(geofence) areas.
  • Get email alerts each time they enter or leave those geofences.
  • Check time and date stamps.
  • Get all the details about area on email.


Start monitoring now


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To set alerts for specific areas, go to “TiSPY Dashboard” on your TiSPY web account and open “Geofence” page. On the “Create New” button, you can add all the locations that you don’t want the monitored person to be in or around.


To get alerts for specific locations from the target device, To check that, go to “TiSPY Dashbord” on your TiSPY web account, and look for the “Geofence” page. On the “Create new” button, You can save place name and set Geofence which you want the alert from specific location.