What is Email Tracking? How to Track Email Address, Sender Location & Native ID

  • Do you know fraud through Emails was the most common type of cybercrime?
  • Do you know the ways you can prevent email fraud?

Email Tracking is the most effective way to save you from these kinds of frauds. Email Tracking is a process of tracking sent and received emails and using the data as safety against the dangers of the email.

The mail tracker ensures you of tracking the email from unidentified sources, alerts you every time they try to send the mail, and gives the details of the time and place of the sender. The growing dangers through email make it important to use an email tracker for the safety of you and your kids.

Why Email Tracking Required in the Current Scenario?


Emails are generally sent over untrusted networks and beyond the personal security boundary. Though they are not used by children for direct communications, email addresses are required at multiple places like every social media site or other websites. The websites and social media sites require an email to sign up.

In recent times when the need for online communication is increasing, one cannot avoid the usage of email. Email tops the security concerns in online communication because of its unsupervised nature. Gmail being the topmost email application requires email tracking for Gmail. Hence, a mail tracker is the only way to check upon the security concerns.

Security Risks through Email

The unsupervised world of the Internet makes it easy for online predators to make individuals prey on their frauds. The high demand for email addresses makes it even easier. Following are the security risks through email:


When a person tries to be someone else it is called spoofing. As setting up an email address is very convenient and identity checks are poorly done, spoofing becomes very easy for the evil elements of the Internet


The most common cybercrime, through phishing the attacker sends malicious content through a fake email address, which can in result harm the receiver’s system altogether.

This can also result in cases of cyberbullying, hacking, and misuse of retrieved information. So there needs be extra care to protect your kids from phishing email and spam.

Fake Offers

You might have received email offers for the purchase of goods and services at very low prices. This is an example of fake offers. These kinds of emails from unreliable sources may result in fraud through banking details.

Help Requests

An email sent as a request for help is another form of fraud through email. It might contain a reward if you fulfill the help. Through these ways threats of data, stealing may arise.

Risk on Personal Information

As email is required almost everywhere on Internet, information linked to your email is immense. This also gives birth to the risk of misuse of this information. These may also result in cases of cyberbullying and blackmailing.

Kids using email at their gullible age are prone to the above kind of security risks. Applications like Gmail, Rediffmail are most commonly used for email. Hence, the use of an email tracker for Gmail becomes necessary to protect you and your kids from threats and frauds through email.

Benefits of Using an Email Tracker


Due to the security risks through email, email tracking has become a necessity in today’s time. Email Tracker software like TiSPY can be used as a mail tracker to prevent risks. The benefits of using a mail tracker are listed below:

  1. Using an email tracker having an email address tracker helps the user to get hold of detailed information related to the received email. This may prevent the risks of spoofing and phishing.
  2. An email tracker for Gmail allows the user to set an unlimited number of unsafe addresses and the tracker may alert when a mail comes from the listed emails.
  3. The user may define a geofence using the mail tracker and will get an alert every time someone tries to enter the geofence.
  4. The mail tracker allows parents to check up on the emails their child is sending and receiving to save them from cases of cyberbullying and identity theft.
  5. The mail tracker allows the user to get the history, time, and content of the mails.

How TiSPY Helps to Track Email?


TiSPY provides email tracker to track the emails conversation your kid is involved in. The easy-to-use software allows the parents to keep a check on their child’s email activity. It provides the following features for mail tracking:

  • It provided users to set an unlimited number of safe and unsafe areas of email addresses.
  • It allows the parents to define a geo-fence and alert every time someone enters or leaves the geo-fence.
  • It provided extensive information about the email address, the system used, the time, and the date of the email.
  • IT brings all the information on the dashboard of the user for easy access.

You just have to install the software, feed in the email information and all the information will come in handy to you.

Cybercrimes and threats through email are very common in the present scenario. It may lead to serious threats like spoofing, phishing leading to threats like cyberbullying and online predators. Kids at a young age may fall prey to these risks. Email tracking is used as the solution for safety against the threats of email.

Smart measures to ensure safe device usage by your children.