What Is Keylogger And How To Use It For Kid’s Safety?

In the internet-dominant world, everything revolves around the Internet. Not just in our lives, the Internet has become a usual part of our kids’ lives as well. But, through the Internet, our kids are also exposed to a lot of threats. A keylogger is a boon to parents who are worried about their kids’ safety from the Internet.

Now, if you are thinking, what is a keylogger?

The following section answers all your doubts regarding a keylogger.

What is a keylogger?

How to use keylogger

A keylogger is monitoring software designed to track all the entered keystrokes by the target. Parents can use a keylogger to track the keywords entered by the kid on their devices. A keylogger helps track all the entered keystrokes on different platforms and brings the data to parents. Keylogger helps parents monitor the chats of their kids on different social media platforms and the information their child is searching on the internet.

Types of keyloggers

1. Hardware keylogger

Keylogging hardware uses a device to track the entered keywords in the target’s device. This device is planted in the keyboard or present in the cable or computer itself. They are implemented using BIOS-level firmware. They can also be in the shape of a USB device plugged inline between the computer and the keyboard.

2. Software keylogger

Software Keylogging is performed using specially designed to track and log keystrokes. They are a type of spyware where the target is unaware of the tracking. The software keyloggers record the keystroke information and send real-time updates to the user. They work remotely and do not need the user’s interference every time.

How does Keylogger Works?

How keylogger works

Keyloggers collect the information from the target device and send it to the user. A keystroke logger helps parents monitor entered keywords on their kid’s phones. It tracks the keystrokes through pattern recognition. Different keyloggers work with different capacities. Some keyloggers can track the keystrokes only on a specific website or program. Other keyloggers track every keystroke entered on the target’s device. This information also includes the text which is copy-pasted from one program to another.

They record the information and display it to the parents on the dashboard. They work in hidden mode and do not the target know of keyword tracking. The parents can install the keylogger software on the kid’s device once and then can remotely track all the keywords entered by the kid. It allows parents to track the phone usage activities of their children. Hence, ensuring their kid’s safety against any unforeseen danger.

Are keyloggers illegal?

Keyloggers are illegal if you are using them for criminal purposes. For parents, using keyloggers is legal as far as they are concerned about their child’s safety. For others installing spyware on someone’s computer without them knowing comes under impeachment of privacy and is illegal.

Use of keylogger for Child safety

1. To understand the behavior change

technology and child behavior

Your child might be going through something and does not want to share it with you. You might observe changes in their behavior. A keylogger can help you identify the reason for their specific behavior and act accordingly. In cases of predators and cyberbullying children are not able to share their issues with their parents. In such cases, a keylogger can help parents identify the issue disturbing the child and save them time.

2. To Track Inappropriate searches

The Internet is a vast world of information with easy access. Children are exposed to explicit content through the Internet. The consumption of explicit content can have harmful effects on a developing mind. Hence, a keylogger can help parents save their children from consuming harmful content on the Internet. A keylogger allows parents to track the information their kid is searching on the Internet. It also alerts when a child enters explicit keywords in the search bar. Parents can identify such keywords and block the information from reaching the child.

3. To identify bad friends

spy on your child's friend circle

Parents can even identify bad influences and people their child is in contact with. A keylogger allows parents to track the entered keywords by the child while chatting. The keystroke logger records information across different platforms and social media applications. It also alerts parents when the child enters an explicit keyword while texting their friends. Through this information, parents can identify bad influences their child is in contact with and save them time.

How to Choose the Best Keylogger for Android Phone

1. Installation

installation of parental control app

Choose a Keylogger that is easy to install and comes with a guide. The parental control application generally comes with the installation kit and a guide. Apps like TiSPY are fairly easy to install.

2. Stealth

While choosing a Keylogger, you should pick the app that is easy to be kept secret. If the target device can detect your device then the whole exercise is a waste.

3. Functionality

parental app functionality

Choose the app that has the maximum number of features. GPS location, outgoing messages, viewing call logs, recorded conversations, monitoring keystrokes and messaging apps are some features that are a must-have in Keylogger apps.

4. Simplicity in use

These apps have too many features due to which it might become difficult to use. Choose apps like TiSPY keystroke that are easy to operate.

parental app functionality

TiSPY KeyStroke is a Keylogger that helps the parents keep an eye on their kids’ smartphones. The Keylogger helps the parents in monitoring the keystrokes on the phone. They can also monitor the games and apps installed. The Parents can also monitor the games installed on their phone and manage the time log of these games. TiSPY also allows parents to filter apps and games and to block them. So use the Keylogger to keep your children safe from all the harmful effects of smartphones.

Smart measures to ensure safe device usage by your children.