How Technology Boost of Modern Generation is Biggest Challenge for Parents

Gone are the days when the favorite spaces for kids were the parks and gardens. Before internet and smartphones had penetrated deep into our lives, things were pretty simple, especially when it came to parenting. Parents were not only able to be around their kids but also ensure where they were and what they were doing. Nothing was hidden but then smartphones came. Technology ensured that playgrounds shifted to digital platforms. Online gaming, social media and internet took over and engage the kids of today.

A range of instant messaging apps ensure that modern kids are always busy making friends and conversing with strangers. This has really made it difficult for parents. They no more have an idea about what their kid is up to. Sometimes, the consequences are even dangerous.

The evolution of technology

Technology has really changed our lives for the good but its implication are wide ranging. As they say, the technology is as safe as you choose to use it. Curiosity has got the better of modern generation kids. They are exposed to a range of freely available material and information, some of which aren’t quite meant for their level of understanding. The prominence of social media has ensured that making friends has got easier. Even without knowing a person personally, we can hope to make friends with someone from a different part of the world. Now, not all friendships and free flowing conversations are positive. The world has become smaller and this has also given a rise in cyber crimes.

Modern parents are worried about their kids just about every day. Internet is a world of information that also encourages the curiosity for drugs, alcohol, pornography and similar things. Accidents happen because kids find it in their heart to lose focus when driving. It’s a generation where the average modern kid is constantly glued to his/her smart phone. That’s not a very encouraging sign. The average age of owning a personal smart phone has come down to 10.3 years! In 2017, over 64% of kids have access to internet compared to just 39% in 2012. Further, about 11% of kids have a social media account before they even reach 10 years of age.

Well, technology can only be handled better with technology itself. To prevent the risks to their kids, many parents across the globe are using TiSPY smart phone monitoring apps to know the whereabouts of their kids and ensure that they are safe.

Top reasons why you should be looking to track your kid’s activities


The internet is not a very rewarding space after all, especially if you haven’t yet grown to become a responsible person. In the UK, games like Blue Whale Suicide Challenge has surfaced and many youngsters have been driven to take their own life or cause serious life-changing injuries to themselves. Statistics suggest that the game has been responsible for as many as 130 teen deaths in Russia and several more cases have been seen in the UK. This has mostly claimed the lives of kids who have already been affected by peer pressure.

It’s not just these weird games that have been the reasons for suicides. Even social media break-up have forced teens to commit an end to their life. Other reasons include online bullying and cyber threats of various kinds. These are the main reasons to spy or track child’s smartphone activities.


While the internet has certainly a lot of literature that discourages drug use, there are also platforms that make it sound ‘cool’. Kids are easily attracted to such forums and for many; this has been the start of serious addiction. Drugs have always created problems for parents but today, the accessibility has become easier and hence the consequences more brutal. Parents can however hope to monitor such behavior using parental control apps.

Cyber bullying

In the past decade, it used to be about fist fights and face to face tussles. But the rise of internet has given rise to a different kind of bullying, that’s even worse. Nearly 43% of kids have already been bullied online and victims are 9 times more likely to consider a suicide.

The solution

Parental control apps like TiSPY have been allowing several parents to closely monitor their kid’s activities remotely, using an extremely simple dashboard. Features like location tracking, live screenshots, automatic camera, live audio streaming and more ensures that parents precisely know where their kids are and what they are doing.

Location Tracking

Using TiSPY parental monitoring software parents can easily track their kids live location with & without the help of GPS. So, if your kid is out and not replying your messages or calls than you can easily track his/her location directly from TiSPY dashboard. This software also allows you to track complete location path of your kids (Starting & ending point) along with time so you can easily get the idea about activities on certain locations.

Instant Messaging Apps / Social Media Chats

As we mentioned earlier that 11% of kids have a social media account before they even reach 10 years of age. It means most teens already using Instant Messaging apps like WhatsApp and social media chats like Facebook Messenger and many other similar apps. Parents are also learning these kinds of platforms slowly so they are getting idea about it. Lots of kids might get idea about pornography content, drugs & alcohol via forwarded messages on this kind of apps, thus parents should monitor their chat messages. TiSPY allows parents to track & spy on social media messages along with text, media and image files remotely.

Parents can also spy on text messages, contact book, monitor internet use and many other ways which helps them to stop their kids before they gets into any trouble.


Smart measures to ensure safe device usage by your children.