7 Valid Reasons for Parents to Spy or Track Child’s Cell Phone Activities

As parents, you are always obligated to provide your kid with a mobile phone. It allows you to keep in touch and reach out in any kind of emergency, howsoever small or big. While it offers a sense of security, the idea of your kid possessing a cell phone also exposes him/he to objectionable and inappropriate communications and web search. Spying on your kid’s cell phone activity might sound unethical but there are several reasons that make spying a morally responsible act.

The typical teens of today live off their phones and most times parents don’t have the faintest clue what they have been up to, who they have been communicating with or what kind of conversations they are having. While it is normal to hesitate trying to check what your kids have been doing, especially if they have been doing things above their age, it might also save both the kids and the parents a lot of trouble.

If you have a kind of relationship with your kid, wherein they tell everything that they are doing or thinking, in most cases, there’s always a bit of a strain, especially if your kids are in their teens. But, kids are kids after all and they are not mature enough to understand the perils of misusing a cell phone. Well, technology again offers ways in which you can spy on your kids without them knowing. You can always interfere when you think that things are getting out of hand and need intervention.

TiSPY Parental Control Software is one of those tools that will help parents anonymously spy on their kid’s cell phone activities. It comes as an app that needs to be registered with and installed on your kid’s phone and TiSPY client will send the usage data to a portal. You can access the portal data anywhere to monitor and even control the phone remotely. This includes the websites they visit, the chats they entertain, the media they share and the kind of applications they use.

So, what are the pressing reasons behind using TiSPY?

1. Children entering in unsafe zone

If you have always been worried about your kids going into unsafe places (could be a bad neighborhood or just a risky place to be in), Geo fencing using apps like TiSPY can come to use. The feature will notify parents whenever the kid (along with his/her device) enters the unsafe zone and you can take the needed steps. Well, setting a geo fencing around your home can also help in locating stolen devices.

2. Cyber identity theft on social media

Stealing the cyber identity of kids is easy but it can lead to a lot of trouble. A lot of cyber crimes have taken place in the past by stealing profile information from social sites like Facebook. A frightening report from 2016 suggests that more than 1.3 million kids had their identity stolen via social media and 50% of these kids were below 6 years of age! As parents, you can have a control over how much personal information a kid shares and with whom. Tracking social media messages/chats on kid’s smartphone will reveal that how much personal data or media your kids are sharing with others.

3. Texting with unknown friends – Spy on text messages

Meeting new people is a part of growing up but the digital age is such that your kids are exposed to all kinds of people, with unknown, and sometimes, harmful intensions. If you are aware of where these suspicious conversations are heading, you can always step in and help avoid an unpleasant situation. Spying on text messages will help you to understand what kind of messages your kid’s are sending & receiving.

4. Browsing irrelevant content

The internet is full of all kinds of information but not everything is informative or educational or in any way helpful. By monitoring the type of content your kid browses on his/her phone, you can make their day more productive. Parents should monitor web browsing history time to time but at certain age limit of their kid’s. Engaging with adult content at very early age might harm kids in various ways.

5. Chat rooms with communal or bad content – WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Facebook Messenger (spy or track WhatsApp messages)

There is a chat room for everything. Unless your kid thinks maturely enough, it is easy to get attracted to groups that spread negative messages or discuss feelings of hatred. This is not something a growing up kid needs. You need to take immediate action whenever you find your kids involving themselves in such online communities. Parents should monitor social media apps/Instant messaging apps like WhatsAppFacebookSkypeViberLine, etc. on regular bases.

6. Cyber bullying

Mostly left unsaid, but a lot of teenagers are exposed to cyber bullying in social networking websites and chatting platforms. The effects range from loss of self confidence to even disasters like suicides. Cyber bullying is something that you should think about seriously and make your kids stay away from. Statistics suggest that over 25% of adolescents have been exposed to repeated cyber bullying on their smart phones. However, only one in every five cases is reported to law enforcement or acted upon.

7. Sexting

Coming of age, most teenagers are likely to indulge in some degree of sexting. While it might purely be a personal choice, sometimes it leads to disastrous leaks and black-mailing. You need to handle such situations very sensitively and allow your kid to share information. While it becomes hard to directly intervene, you can always educate your kids to act responsible when it comes to online chatting.

There are several moms and dads who would like to know what their kids are up to on their smart phones, the whole day but either they get hesitant or are unaware of the tools that might help. When it comes down to monitoring in the above cases, it all is about your child’s safety and that’s the top priority of every parent.

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Smart measures to ensure safe device usage by your children.