How to Stop Child Playing Pokemon GO using TiSPY

Pokemon GO has recaptured an era by bringing the monster catching obsession to smartphones. The game has been praised for its health benefits, encouraging people to get up, get out, exercise, and meet friends. However, there are dangers of playing Pokemon GO , a fact that has led several countries to warn their citizens about the negative effects of the game.

Since its release, Pokemon GO has led players into dangerous situations as they hunt for Pokemon in the real world. Children are especially vulnerable to the dangers of playing Pokemon GO, and it is not surprising to hear about child accident while playing Pokemon GO or even child death while playing Pokemon GO.

Dangers of Playing Pokemon GO

Stranger danger is likely one of the first dangers that comes to mind with the new app. One of the nicer benefits of the game is one of the greatest dangers of playing Pokemon GO: meeting new people who may not be so nice. Players with ill intentions can use the game’s Lure feature to tempt children into dangerous situations. Parents can help their children avoid these situations by having conversations with them about stranger danger, or better yet, playing Pokemon GO together. Doing so can avoid child accident while playing Pokemon GO.

Another one of the dangers of playing Pokemon GO is the likelihood of walking into things. Players get so absorbed in the game that they don’t pay attention to the world around them. When their attention is on their phone screen, it’s easy for players to walk into objects, including moving vehicles. Avoid child death while playing Pokemon GO by advising children to play the game in Notify Mode, which makes the phone vibrate when a Pokemon is nearby.

Getting lost is another of the dangers of playing Pokemon GO. It’s easy to get absorbed in the hunt for Pokemon and stray too far. Children especially are in danger of wandering into unfamiliar territory and getting lost. Parents can set boundaries for children, so they know how far they can go while hunting Pokemon.



Using TiSPY to Stop Children Playing Pokemon GO

Some parents want to stop children playing Pokemon GO completely. One option to do this is to use TiSPY app. TiSPY is a parental monitoring system designed to protect the safety of children and phones. This app allows parents to track a child’s location using a phone’s GPS, as well as to monitor a child’s phone use.

TiSPY can be used to stop children playing Pokemon GO too. Once TiSPY is downloaded and registered to the child’s phone, the app sends monitored data to the TiSPY portal. Here, parents can live monitor their child’s phone usage and even control the child’s phone remotely. In effect, parents can use the live monitor feature of this system to stop children playing Pokemon GO.


Smart measures to ensure safe device usage by your children.