Monitor Kids Chat with Spy Software for Android

Nowadays, kids spend most of their time on mobile phones and the internet. Earlier, they used to go out and play with their friends but recently they are more active online rather than offline and this is a worrying sign. There are so many harmful effects of constant usage of mobile phones and the internet like poor heart health, bad posture, anxiety, depression, insomnia, strain on eyes, etc. Kids have access to mobile phones, technologies, and different gadgets from a very young age. But they are naive and they cannot differentiate between positive and negative effects of these technologies and gadgets that they have around us. Parents should teach their kids about all the harmful effects that are caused by the continuous use of technologies and the internet.


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There are so many side effects of technology that kids fail to see but as a parent it is your responsibility to make your kid aware about the dangers and threats of gadgets, technologies, and the internet. Apart from information and knowledge there is a lot of inappropriate content available on the internet. Kids can stumble upon such content accidentally. This can be harmful for the mental health of kids. Kids spend the majority of their time on social media platforms but these platforms also have a lot of cyber bullies and online predators. It is a very dangerous threat and it can have a huge impact on kids’ minds for a longer period of time. Kids can also be a victim of various online scams or phishing. Parents should teach their kids about all the harmful and negative aspects of mobile phones and the internet in order to keep the kids safe from any potential danger.


Monitor Kids Chat with Tispy

Tispy is spy software for android that helps parents to monitor kids’ online activity. As we know kids are constantly using various social media platforms to chat with their friends. Tispy has the features that allow parents to monitor kids’ chat with anyone. It can also work as a WhatsApp tracker or Facebook spy. This way parents can know with whom their kids are talking and also what they are talking about. Here, we have mentioned some of the Tispy features that allow parents to monitor kids chat.


1) WhatsApp Tracker

WhatsApp is a very popular social media platform among kids as they can chat with their friends and share any kind of documents, photos, images, and even live location. With all these features there is also a threat of cyber bullies. Hence, it becomes important for parents to monitor kids’ chats on WhatsApp. Tispy works as a WhatsApp tracker that allows parents to remotely monitor each and every kids’ activity done on WhatsApp.


Parents can track all the WhatsApp chats and check the name and number of the sender’s. You can view the date along with time for every message. Parents can also view all the photos, messages, audio and video clips, documents, and any other files that are shared on WhatsApp. This way parents can know what their kid is doing and protect them if there are any kind of dangers.


2) Facebook Tracker

Facebook is also very popular among kids. Kids can chat individually or in group via Facebook messages. There are a lot of cyber bullies or sexual predators on Facebook and that is why it is important for parents to know what their kid is doing on Facebook. With the help of Facebook spy parents can view all the Facebook chat conversations along with the exact time and date.


This feature allows you to know the names of people that the kids have been chatting with. Parents can get the detailed information about all the notifications and activities of the kids on Facebook. Parents can also access all the captured data directly from the Tispy dashboard.


3) Skype Tracker

Kids can chat and make audio or video calls on Skype. With the help of Tispy parents can easily monitor all the activities done by the kids on Skype. Parents can see all the conversations done on Skype and also know the names of people with whom their kids are chatting.


You can also view the time and date stamp of each chat. Hence, if parents find anything suspicious or dangerous that can be harmful for kids then they can immediately talk to their kids and make them aware about any possible threats.


4) Hangout

Hangout is an instant messaging platform that has the features of messaging, voice calls, and video calls. It is a popular platform that kids use to stay in touch with their friends. It has also become a platform for predators as they can easily target kids.



Tispy allows parents to view all the chat conversations that are done on Hangouts along with the exact time and date of each conversation. Parents can also know the name of the people that their kids are talking with. All the conversations are directly uploaded on the Tispy dashboard and parents can easily access it from there.


5) Viber

Viber allows users to do text messaging and voice calls. Instant messaging platforms have gained a lot of popularity and Viber is one such popular platform for kids. There are high chances that kids might come across cyber bullies or online predators because Viber is open to the public and toll-free. Kids can also share photos and videos on this platform.



By using Tispy, parents can view all the conversations along with the time and date stamps. You can also know the name and number of the people that your kids have been chatting with and if you find anything dangerous or harmful then you can protect the kids from it.


6) SMS

SMS is very common and the most used platform by kids for chatting with their friends. Parents should know with whom their kids are talking and what they are talking about if they want to keep their kids safe.



Tispy gives the facility to view all the sent and received text messages. Parents can view the content of all the messages and the time and date stamps of every message. You can also see the senders name and number.


7) KIK

KIK is an instant messaging mobile application that is used by a lot of kids. Parents can get full control of this application with the help of Tispy parental control apk. Tispy allows you to read all the conversations that happened on KIK.


Parents can view the contact details of the sender’s and also the exact time and date of any specific message. You can also access the KIK conversations or messages from the Tispy dashboard.


Why is Spy Software for Android Necessary?

Cyber bullies and online predators are very active on social media and instant messaging platforms.Hence, it becomes important for parents to monitor all these platforms so that they can keep their kid safe from any kind of dangers. Tispy is a spy software for android that helps parents to constantly monitor the kids’ activities on mobile phones and internet throughout the day. This eventually helps in creating a safer environment and future for kids. There are numerous android spy software available in the market but because of various features Tispy is considered as the best spy software for android that monitors kids chat and online activities.


Smart measures to ensure safe device usage by your children.