Is NGL Safe for Kids? Parent’s Guide to App Safety

Parents are rightfully concerned about the safety of their children while using NGL apps. NGL (Not Gonna Lie) apps provide anonymous content to children. They also collect data on user behavior, which could be misused. Parents are concerned about the possibility of their children being exposed to inappropriate content, cyberbullying, or even potential predators. NGL app developers must prioritize safety measures such as robust privacy policies, age-appropriate content, and parental controls to ensure parents can trust their children’s online activities. Is the worry NGL safe? Let’s explore more on this. 

What is NGL?

NGL, the acronym stands for ‘not gonna lie,’ is a personal inbox allowing users to receive anonymous messages from friends. Launched in November 2021, it provides anonymous feedback. Users generate questions anonymously. It becomes a fun platform for teens wherein they get links to their inboxes and get shared through Instagram and other social media platforms. Parents will want to know if the NGL app is safe.

How Does NGL Work?

When it comes to NGL working, the system is simple. A user has to download the app. A user must insert their Instagram profile handle. When you share the Instagram handle, NGL Automatically creates a unique link using the information from Instagram. Each user receives a link. On receiving the link, a user can post Instagram stories with captions such as “Want to know more about me, ask me now’ or “5 questions you can ask me anytime and anywhere’. An interested follower will type a message on the link and send the ‘send’ button. Users then open the link to see the questions asked and answer them. The user must be made aware of the follower, making parents wonder if NGL is safe.

Things that parents need to know about NGL

NGL awareness for parents

Parents of teenagers who use the NGL app must be vigilant about the privacy settings. Online safety plays a vital role as the app is all about anonymity. Kids tend to spend much time on the app. They need help understanding the time spent on the app. The app insists on upgrading the account on a payment. It becomes a trouble for the parents and the kids. They should also know if the NGL link is safe to use.

Is the NGL app safe?

The NGL app is unsafe for kids and teenagers as kids can be a part of cyberbullying. Children become a part of pornography and nudity. The other ill effect is that it makes kids question their personalities and what people think about them. Children mentally become unstable and sink into depression. The question arises is NGL secure?

How old do you have to be to use NGL?

Suggested-What is the ideal age to use NGL?

As per the NGL terms of service, a user must be 18 years and above can open an account. There is no way to verify the age of a user. Anyone with an Instagram account can be a part of NGL. It means Instagram allows 13 years and above to hold an NGL account. 

All that the teenager has to do is download the app and link it with the Instagram handle.

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What makes NGL risky for teens?

NGL app is making the life of a teenager miserable. It takes personal information from teenagers and uses it against them. The anonymous messages make it difficult to understand the authenticity of the link. Following are a few risks that a parent should be aware of and infer is NGL safe for Instagram and otherwise.

1. Harmful language can be offensive

The links from NGL do not always have to have offensive or abusive language. It can be a mere sentence stating, “How cruel are you!”, “How lame are your thoughts” or “I hate you.” Such negative comments make teenage life miserable. The harmful language damages the kids’ personalities and mental states. It brings in a lot of anxiety issues, depression, and mental instability. 

2. Online predators

Online predators

The anonymous predators are on continuous prey and look for naïve teenagers. They entice kids with attractive offers and comments. It makes the children fall prey to online predators. The information received through the Instagram handle makes it easy for predators to blackmail kids for all the wrong reasons. Instagram monitoring app will help you to save this types of activities.

3. Self-esteem at stake due to secret sharing

Anonymous questions ask kids if they wish to share any secrets. The predators pretend to have full sympathy, only to know that it damages their self-esteem and dignity. There come negative comments upsetting the mind and damaging the emotional quotient of the mind. As much as the app compliments the users, followers share harmful comments and responses. It creates lower self-esteem.

4. Potential to bullying victims due to sharing of responses

One of the risks of NGL is that the users’ reactions bring in much speculation. Talks on the subject take place. The followers make fun of them too. The responses start to become the center of ridicule. There are chances of potential threats. Such acts make a candidate a bullying victim. 

5. Fake messages to trick users

    Fake messages to trick users

    Moreover, children fall prey to fake messages sent through the NGL app. These messages include promising a lump sum, making famous, or increasing engagement. Teenagers get attracted to such offers and messages. The app demands concentration. The app generates tricky messages anonymously, failing to get the desired attention. It is a threat to the users as it involves unfriendly bots messaging them. 

    6. NGL, like any social media app, collects personal information from users

      It is no secret that NGL has all the information about the user. A teenager links their account through their Instagram handle and personal information on the web, such as contact details, location, IP address, payment details, etc. The personal information makes the predators collect the data and use it against the users to blackmail them. 

      How Can TiSPY Help?

      TiSPY is a parental app that helps parents to keep an eye on their teenage kids. TiSPY encourages parents to have a conversation with them. A parent will trace messages through the SMS tracker app. The app allows you to block the content or the links you don’t want the kids to open. You can be remote and yet be a part of the conversation. The dashboard displays the number of times the link gets opened, the sender’s location, the chats that took place, alerts, and other similar features. The objective of TiSPY is to keep kids safe from NGL.

      Summing Up on Is NGL safe for Kids

      Parents want to know what the NGL app is used for. As it may seem, there is a mix of good and bad content. The AI filters harmful content. One cannot deny that it gets completely filtered. It is why it is essential to discuss this with your child. Have an open conversation about how addictive NGL can be. Encourage children to talk about criminal incidents or the languages used. Keep an eye on their mental health. It is best to opt for parental control that allows you to watch your kids go the right way.

      Smart measures to ensure safe device usage by your children.