Parental Guidelines on How to Keep Kids Safe on the Internet this Year

The world has never been the same ever since the advent of the internet. The world wide web, as we know it, has transformed everything from our day-to-day activities to complex industrial tasks. With the innovation of such stature, some repercussions are obvious. One of the biggest banes that come along with the internet is that of cyber crimes. Much like unprotected streets, the world online is prone to thefts and other misdemeanors. For this same reason parents need to follow specific guidelines for Internet safety of their kids. Furthermore, with online payments becoming standard, the money in your bank is at the risk of being misappropriated by nasty forces. Despite the significant safety standards concerning online bill payment systems, some crooks trick people into revealing card details for dishonorable intentions. Thus, compromising the overall safety standards of the internet. Identity theft is yet another evil running in the optic-fiber veins of the network of networks.

The real concern is that kid and teens of a young age are at an equal risk of being exposed to such threats as the adults. This conditional reality is quite literally the recipe for trouble. Children lack the necessary experience to tackle such problems that are poisoning the whole world these days. In fact, the younger generation is the target of perpetrators online. Well, there’s a ton of good that has been done with the power of achieving “trending” status on the web. For example, the #metoo initiative put the magnifying glass on an important problem plaguing Hollywood. However, the other side of the coin reveals something much darker. For instance, consider the damage caused by the Blue Whale challenge. As kids have a lot of maturing to do over the subsequent years of their lives, it is the duty of parents to safeguard their children from threats online. A parental control software can prove to be quite effective in furthering the above-mentioned cause.

The internet houses a plethora of threats for children. They are exposed to evils like identity theft, bullying, sexual harassment, stalking, and more. It is quite difficult to make sense of what’s safe on the internet and what’s note. Let’s make things clearer with an example. Let’s say that your child received an email from a supposedly reputable company that says he/she won a lottery worth $2 billion. Quite obviously, the kid would be beyond joyous after reading such words. But, the mail also says that the recipient needs to share his social security number along with his/her bank details to receive the said benefits. What if your child falls for that? That’s identity theft happening in a timeframe of under 5 minutes. Isn’t that spine-chilling?

Considering the presence of many dangers on the internet, parents must possess the knowledge to tackle them.

So, without any further ado let’s get on the Guidelines list.

Top 10 Internet Safety Guidelines that every parent must know

#1 Be With Them When They Surf the Internet:

Well, the best way to make sure that your kid doesn’t get in trouble on the internet is to browse the internet with them. Set clear rules stating that you’ll supervise your kid’s internet sessions to make sure that he’s safe at all times. Create a friendly atmosphere around it instead of an intimidating one. Sometimes it happens when your kid accidentally clicks on any ad and suddenly inappropriate website opens which is not good for kids.

#2 Monitor the Activities of your Kids on the Internet:

If the first tip isn’t applicable at all times for whatever reason, consider keeping an eye on what your child does on the internet. Even simply asking your kids can do the trick. It is not feasible for any parent to be around their kids all the time when they are surfing the internet. Especially for the current scenario where all the kids have their personal smartphones. The best way to work this out is to have parental monitoring and control software on your child’s phone.

#3 Remember the Bright Side to the Internet: 

Every coin has two sides. Do not get so consumed by the evils on the internet that you forget everything good about it. On-line resources provide an excellent kid for students.

#4 Set Some Protocols: 

Well, rules are the best remedy for chaos, be it of any kind. Regulate the manner in which your child uses the internet. Set the limit to which your kid can browse the Internet per day. Make your children aware of some important safety protocols on the internet. Educate them about the right way to engage in social media. Most importantly, make a clear list of apps and websites that your child is permitted to visit. If a random research session is the hour of the need, accompany your child for that. Also, tell your kids that they are under your supervision.

#5 Emphasize on Identity Protection: 

Given the rise of identity theft on the internet, educating your kids about personal information protection is a must. Create regular dialogue centered on the issue.

#6 Put a Ban on “online friends”: 

Make sure that you let your kid know that everything is not as it seems on the internet. As your children to be wary of strangers on the internet. Have a “strict no” policy on the subject of making online friends. After all, someone pretending to be a 6-year old boy from a friendly neighborhood might just be a sexual predator.

#7 Instill Critical Thinking: 

Tell your kids not to believe everything they see or read on the internet. Encourage the habit of fact-checking. Tell them to be critical of the resources they come across.

#8 Inform the Authorities of Illegal Things: 

Heartbreaking stories of victims of cyber crimes are a part of news almost every day. Make sure that along with protecting yourself from being a part of such horrors, you also report the ones you come across. Remember that the concept of humanity extends online as well.

#9 Encourage to Respect Others: 

This tip is something that will help your kid in the world outside the internet as well. Being polite and respectful of other people are qualities that are admired by everyone.

#10 Monitor Your Child’s Internet Usage: 

Another important thing that parents must do to ensure the safety of their on the web is to get access to parental monitoring software. Protecting your family will need you to be vigilant of when its members get in trouble. Effective parental monitoring software will let you monitor your child’s social media accounts, internet browsing data, location, SMS interactions, call logs, and more.

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Adolescence is an important phase in the life of your children. Even kids who aren’t teenagers yet are undergoing a crucial developmental period of their life. In such times, your kids need your guidance and support. As parents, it is your job to make sure that you do everything in your power to ensure the healthy growth of your children. Reputed parental monitoring software like TiSPY will be paramount in achieving that end. Using TiSPY, you can manage calls, track text messages, use location tracking and geo-fencing, track multimedia files, access address book, manage social media apps, monitor internet use, and more.

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