Reasons Parents Shouldn’t be Disconnected & Distracted from their Kids

With the world going digital at a breakneck speed, new technology is emerging by the hour. Surely, that makes life a lot easier for everyone but when you carefully consider it, there are also some glaring downsides to it. As a working professional or a businessperson, you will definitely agree that the advent of modern technology does make financial life a lot harder for everyone.

Opening a business is no longer a big deal in the present times when internet and technology is spread anywhere and everywhere. With the availability of free internet everywhere, there is a rising awareness about opening and running a business and thus, the competition is getting tougher in every field regardless of whether you are doing a business or a job. This lays stress on the parents who, in a bid to give full effort in their careers, get disconnected from their family and child.

Too Less Time and Too Much Work

As mentioned above, with the pressure of work surmounting by the day, parents get absorbed in their professional life. There are no parents that do not want to spend quality time with the kids and exercise sufficient parental control at all times. But, they are unable to do for the obligations to their work life. Kids in such a scenario get affected heavily.

Yes, earning bread and butter for your family is important but so is looking after your kid. The things like their daily activities, their friends, and their social life, in general, are some of the things that make each parent worry, regardless of whether they are able to give enough time to their kids.

Thankfully, technology has also made it possible for you to keep an eye out for your kids even when you are not near them through parental control software. parental control software. Since kids these days are mostly always either on their phones or laptops and thus, monitoring them through parental control apps is a good idea for every busy parent out there.

In general, parents shouldn’t be disconnected or distracted from their kids and should spend some quality time with them or watch their activities closely. Interact with kids occasionally and understand their body language if they are uncomfortable with specific topics which might give you hint that something is wrong. Sometimes kids are expert in hiding the emotions and parents fails to understand what really happening with them. If any parent have even 1% doubt than they should monitor their online activities which give them ideas what’s going wrong.

In 2016 Pew Research Center did survey to parents having 13 – 17 years old kids and found some interesting numbers regarding digital monitoring.

  • 61% parents said they often checks which websites their kids are visiting
  • 60% parents checked kid’s social media profiles
  • 56% parents either followed or added friend to their kid on social media
  • 48% checked teen’s phone call records or messages

This research shows that parents often monitor their kid’s online activities for various reasons.

The Advantages of Opting For a Parental Control Software

Every parent feels the need to protect their child from all the evils of the world and in such a scenario, a spy software can feel like a blessing for a busy parent. You can control your kids without having to ask them to hand over their phones and laptops on a daily basis for you to check. Besides, good parental control software comes with so many cool features that you just can’t say no to it.

Location tracking

The location tracking feature in a parental control android app allows you to know the current and past location of your child in real-time. Through GeoFencing, you will also be able to locate if anyone has entered or left the location. Location tracking feature allows you to know the exact location of your kid.

Calls and Messaging (SMS) Tracking

This feature shows you which numbers are text messaging (SMS) logs or call logs along with time, date, and duration & also allows you to download the audio file of the calls that have got recorded. It allows you to know whom you child keeps in touch with. This is extremely useful feature when it comes understand if your kid is in danger or not.

Internet history tracking

The parental control software will allow you to monitor websites visited, number of times the websites was visited, date and time stamps for each site he/she has entered. You will also get to know the extent of time spent on apps. This feature even allows parents to block certain websites which shouldn’t be checked by kids.

Track installed mobile apps

Use a spy software to track installed apps and find stats on the apps that they use the most. Sometimes it happens that kid’s installs unnecessary application directly from website and not from the play store and hides in their phone. Parents can easily track these kind of applications via TiSPY dashboard.

Finding the Right Parental Control Apps for Your Needs

Though there are many good parental control apps out there, only some of them are as good as they claim to be. Want to protect your kids in the right way? Install TiSPY parental control software today for both the laptops and the mobiles. This parental monitoring app is simply loaded with features but comes with a really user-friendly interface that can be used easily by all parents.

TiSPY: The Parental Control Software You Have Been Looking For

TiSPY makes parental monitoring really easy for you by enabling you to keep a close eye on your children at all times. The key features of TiSPY which make it so useful have been listed below.

Low price: The price of the app has to be one of its USPs. When you compare the prices of parental control apps for internet, you will see that TiSPY comes with a price tag that is significantly less than other similar apps.

Market experience: The brand has been on the market for long enough time to understand the growing needs of it. Accordingly, the app keeps getting better than ever always.

A brand trusted by parents: Innumerous parents have trusted the brand and made it their own and now it’s your turn. TiSPY is trusted by thousands of parents worldwide and more than 5L kids are monitored till date.

All you need to do is install the spy software in their devices secretly and you are all set to learn all there is to know about them. Now, you no longer need to worry about child safety while you are busy at work.


Smart measures to ensure safe device usage by your children.