Why Facebook Tracking Is Important For Kids’ Well-Being?

Is your kid using Facebook very actively? Have you noticed any changes in your child’s behavior?

Social media is constantly changing the way kids look at the real world. It has its effects on the social and cultural functioning of the kids. Facebook is the most popular social media platform that contributes to the effects the largest. Although it has a limit of a minimum of 13 years of age, children below the age are also seen using the application.

The Internet itself is a highly unsupervised world on top of that social media sites like Facebook are making it easy for the kids to get affected by its negative impacts. According to a survey, 10 out of 12 kids are using Facebook on regular basis. This high increase in the use of Facebook has many impacts on the overall development of the child. Hence, Facebook tracking has become important for parents to ensure their child’s safety.

Why is Facebook Tracking Important for Your Child’s Safety?



Facebook has become an everyday norm in everyone’s life. It is providing such a level of connectivity all around the world that was not imaginable few years back. This level of connectivity also has negative implications. Facebook these days has become a home for evil elements of the internet which can affect your child in several ways.

The use of Facebook has affected kids’ all-around development adversely. The negative impacts of using Facebook on kids’ and reasons why Facebook tracking of their kids’ is important for parents are as follows:


Social media addictions for kids are the common concern now. One of the most important implications of Facebook is addiction. The constant urge of checking the newsfeed and interacting with connections creates a feeling of addiction in kids’ minds. Also, contributing to the addiction is the reward feature of ‘Like’, ‘Comment’ which stimulates the reward circuitry in a child’s mind which is highly sensitive in younger years.

A Facebook tracker allows parents to monitor the time their child is spending on Facebook and prevent them from getting into its addiction.

Facebook Depression



Mental health issues have been seen in kids who spend a lot of time using Facebook. This is also resulting in the delay of their emotional and social development. The appearing glittery lives of others stimulate a feeling of dissatisfaction in them leading to anxiety and being moody most of the time.

Psychologists have given a term to Facebook-related mental disorders as ‘Facebook Depression. Facebook tracking software can help parents to prevent their kids from these disorders.


Kids’ when not able to be a constant part of the social loop suffer from Fear of Missing Out. The constant cycle of posting and reacting to what others have posted leads to a distraction from the real-life social bonds. This affects their overall development.

Unregulated Posting

The oversharing of information by the kid can itself have drastic effects. Hacking and misuse of the information even lead to sometimes too serious threats. A Facebook tracker allows parents to keep a check on information their kids are sharing.

Online Predators



Facebook as a platform makes it easy for online predators to contact your kid. In cases of cyberbullying kids are not even able to share their concerns with their parents. Facebook tracking allows parents to keep an eye on conversations their child being involved in and also save the child from distress.

Harmful Content Consumption

The gullible age of kids believe everything they see and consume on Facebook. This unsupervised consumption can have adverse effects on a child’s mind. The harmful and explicit content can also shape the child’s mind in the wrong manner.

The results of this wrong development of the mind can also affect their lives as adults. Through Facebook tracking, parents can regulate the content their child is consuming.

Privacy Issues

Children tend to share such information on Facebook which can lead to frauds like identity theft and also frauds related to money. This may also lead to serious crimes the identity of your child is in danger.

This may not only affect their mental well-being can also affect their personality as an adult. Facebook tracking helps parents to prevent their kids from falling prey to such impacts.

Screen time

Using Facebook for an extended period also results in continuous screen use which can have negative effects on both the physical and mental health of the kids. Kids may develop eye-related issues at a very young age, also may have suffered from issues like headaches and back pain resulting in issues in their overall development. Facebook tracking makes it easy for parents to track the amount of time their kids are using Facebook.

How can you Monitor your Child’s Facebook Activity through the TiSPY Facebook Tracker?


We have seen how unregulated use of Facebook can have harmful effects on a child’s development. TiSPY, parental control software provides an easy-to-use Facebook tracker which can help you as a parent to track your kids’ Facebook activity and messages and protect them from any of the harmful effects.

TiSPY Facebook tracking app allows parents to see who their kids are interacting within Facebook, in what type of conversation they are involved, pictures and status they are sharing on Facebook, and also the content they are consuming through it.

Facebook tracker is easy to install and brings all the information directly to your TiSPY dashboard. It can be installed in the device and after plugging your child’s account brings the information to your dashboard for convenient viewing. It doesn’t let the child know of their monitoring.

The TiSPY Facebook tracker allows you to:

  • View the conversations your child is having on Facebook with date and time.
  • View the people your child is interacting with on Facebook.
  • Monitor the child’s posting behavior on Facebook
  • Facebook location tracking allows parents to check if their child is safe and not lying about their location.

Once activated the TiSPY Facebook Tracker starts collecting the information from your child’s device and uploads it directly on your portal for easy viewing access. You can hence, prevent your child from cyberbullying, online predators, and evil elements of Facebook.

In this constantly changing world, you cannot avoid using the social media sites like Facebook. While it has its positive effects but the negative effects empower them if not regulated. This may affect the child’s overall development.

Hence, it becomes important for parents to ensure their child’s cyber safety. TiSPY Facebook tracker allows parents to track the Facebook activity of their child and hence, protecting their child from any sort of harmful effect of Facebook.

Smart measures to ensure safe device usage by your children.