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How to Track PUBG, Fortnite, and other Online Mobile Games on Kids’ Phones

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Understanding the impact of video games on our kids

Video games are a huge part of most kids’ lives today. Almost every adult today has enjoyed playing video games while growing up. There is no doubt that these games are entertaining and help pass the time, but there is also reason to be concerned about the way they impact our children’s health and well-being.

Games like PUBG and Fortnite have become immensely popular in the last couple of years. It is not uncommon for children to come home from school and spend a couple of hours every day playing PUBG with their friends. While online games serve as a good way to unwind, here are some negative effects it can have on your kid.


Spending too much time on the phone playing Fortnite and PUBG can make your children become unproductive and lazy. These games are highly distracting, causing kids to push studies and physical activity down their list of priorities and interests. Video games can also be extremely addictive, even affecting adults every day, so it’s very important for parents to protect kids from mobile game addiction.

The most common hunting grounds for these predators are social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as apps such as Snapchat, Hangouts, Tinder, and WhatsApp. It is vital that parents monitor their children using parental monitoring software so they can protect them from virtual dangers.

Extreme violence

Fornite and PUBG games are known to be violent and extremely graphic. Some countries have even banned these games because they believe that extreme violence can make people more aggressive and less humane. While there are disputes on how graphic violence can affects kids, as a parent, you should be concerned about exposing them to games that promote violence and other inappropriate actions.

Physical Health Takes A Hit

Playing video games means your kid spends most of his or her time sitting in the same spot. This lack of physical activity will take a major toll on their health in the long run. Looking at a bright screen for prolonged hours can affect their eyesight, cause headaches, and impact their posture. And all that sitting can lead to increased weigh gain and obesity, which in turn paves the path for a variety of other health issues.

Affects Mental Health

Video game addiction has been classified as a mental disorder by the World Health Organization. Video games have been known to cause or exacerbate depression and other mental conditions. Violent games like PUBG and Fortnite are linked to causing anxiety and stress in children. Playing online mobile games for extended periods of time can also cause children to become introverted and alienate themselves from their friends and peers, leading to conditions like social anxiety. It also affects their sleep cycles, making them feel fatigued and unrested during school hours.

How Can Parents Monitor Online Games?

To protect your children from these issues, it is important that parents keep an eye on their kids’ phones. The best way for you to do so is to install a parental monitoring app such as TiSPY on your child’s phone. This app allows you to monitor the complete list of apps and games on their smartphones.

TiSPY also has other amazing features such as creating logs of what apps are being used and for how long. This gives parents insight on what is keeping their child most occupied. TiSPY also allows you to filter these games and block them, if necessary. This software also has other features to help you monitor your child’s game time usage and make sure they are not buried in their phones all day long.

Why Should You Monitor Your Child’s Online Games?

As mentioned earlier, online games like Fortnite and PUBG can have drastic effects on your child’s physical and mental well-being. While it is necessary for kids to have ways to unwind after a long day at school, violent video games are not the answer. By protecting your children from these games, you are ensuring that they remain focused on their studies and that their grades are not affected. Without being bogged down by video games, your kids also get to go outside and play with their friends. This keeps them active, fit, and energized.

Video games have also been proven to negatively impact children’s mental health. Protecting them from violence and other graphic scenarios ensures that they do not feel stressed or anxious. Playing online games also prevents kids from socializing with their friends, something that is essential in a child’s developmental years. If your child does enjoy playing video games, make sure they play games that are suitable for their age. Invite their friends so they get to interact with other kids their age and have more fun.