How to Control Negative Effects of Technology on Kids

If a young kid is given a tablet, a smartphone, or any gadget they will find ways to use it immediately. Young adults are the biggest benefactor of technological affluence. But they are also highly affected by the negative effects of technology on society.

As kids have become technology experts at a young age, parents are dealing with the negative impact of technology on students. As students use tablets at home for their online learning they need to be equipped with technology. It is important for preparing for learning, career, and innovation.

But there are many negative effects of technology on children too and there are some major concerns among parents about childhood development due to increased use of technology. The continuous immersion in technology impacts the future of the kids and thus parents need to ensure that the kids use technology wisely.

Why Should Technology be Limited for Kids?


The Strain on Eyes

As the negative effects of technology on children increase, more kids are experiencing the negative impact of technology on students due to staring at their screens for a longer amount of time. There are many side effects as it causes eye fatigue, blurry vision, issues with focusing, and temporary blindness. Therefore, parents should limit the kid’s screen time so that their eyes develop healthily.

Incidence of Bad Posture

As children use handheld gadgets for a longer time, it also promotes bad posture in kids. As young adults spend a lot of time hunched down on their screen, they may develop back issues at a young age. The negative effects of technology on children become worse as they spend a lot of time sitting on the couch with a hunched back. This might misalign the child’s spine and cause back problems.

Harmful Radiation

As cell phones and gadgets emit harmful radiation, these devices are linked to many dangerous diseases. Radiation exposure is also linked to diseases like cancer. The best recommendation to limit the negative effects of technology on society is by restricting the use of cell phone use.

Poor Development

As per research, young adults who are still developing and use a lot of gadgets, have a negative impact of technology on students and their cognitive development. As kids use tech gadgets, they suffer from the negative effects of technology on society and they are slow in developing visual and motor skills. Thus, it is important to ensure considerable gadget-free time for kids.

Less Physical Activity

As a lot of time is spent on gadgets by kids, other negative effects of technology on children are seen. A major impact is the lack of physical exercise. The absence of exercise is not good for kids and their growth. This affects the mental and physical growth of young adults. The more time spent by kids on exercise, the lesser behavioural problems among kids.

How to Regulate Your Child’s Use of Technology?


As parents of young kids are concerned about their child’s well-being, they need to understand and eliminate the negative impact of technology on students. As kids spend more time on digital gadgets the parents need to guide kids to spend time in the real world as compared to the virtual world. They need to teach the children about the judicious use of technology in a healthy manner. As children understand technology better, they also need to understand how to balance technology with other activities.

How Can We Prevent Kids From Using Excessive Technology?


Form Guidelines for Technology Usage

As every family has various rules set out, the family should also have rules for use of technology. The family should set a time set for using technology for kids and adults. This time should be set and technology should be banned at this time as should be apps and other websites. This will ensure that the kids are protected from the negative impact of technology.

Discuss the Negative Effects of Technologies on Your Young Kids

As it is not healthy for the kids to overuse technology, therefore, parents should discuss the negative effects of technology on children. Parents should tell children why it is not healthy for them to spend too much time on the screen. This is important for the kids to understand as they might become victims of cyber bullying or online predators.

Electronic Media Should Be Banned in Kid’s Rooms

Parents can minimize the negative effects of technology on children by banning gadgets in kid’s bedrooms. This can also be managed by restricting the internet connection in kids’ rooms and ensuring that the time limit is set on their use.

Spend Time in Other Activities with Your Children

Parents should not let the children spend too much time on gadgets. They can ensure this by spending time with them doing some activities and talking to the children and explain to them the negative impact of technology on students. Are the side effects of technology too dangerous?

Inspire the Children to Spend Time with Friends

As children end up spending too much time on social media apps and gadgets, they end up missing out on social life. Parents should not allow children to make more digital contact rather they should be encouraged to make real friends.

Inspire Kids to Indulge in Physical Activity

As kids spend time in physical activity, it improves their health and helps them to build social connections too. Kids should be encouraged to spend some time every day indulging in physical activities away from their phones and gadgets. This keeps them free from the negative impact of technology on students and benefits them from other side effects of gadgets.

Inspire Model Use of Gadgets

As children base their activity on adults, they should be inspired to follow adult’s example. Children should be inspired to spend limited time with gadgets and more time in other activities. Parents should not watch violent movies and should not aimlessly sit with gadgets all day in from of children.

Understand the Warning

There are chances that children might be misusing technology and thus they can become a victim of the negative effects of technology. This can be evident through their behaviour. If they become agitated and end up spending less time with friends or friends, then this is a sign that they are not using their gadgets wisely. Kids might also lose interest in other activities and become preoccupied with gadgets.

Monitor Mobile Phone Activity of Children

Kids need to familiarize parents with kid’s favourite websites and apps to ensure they understand what kids are up to. When children have access to social media apps then parents should monitor their kid’s accounts and profiles. This will ensure that the parents know what the children are up to and who they are communicating with.

Download Parental Control Software

Parents need to install parental control and monitoring software on kid’s smartphones and gadgets. They can also install parental control on android phones. This will help parents to monitor their kid’s activity online and restrict the access of children to particular content.

How Tispy Helpful to Control Negative Effects of Technology on Kids

TiSPY call tracking software for android is useful for parents of young children as it helps them to monitor their kids’ activity on their gadgets and smartphones. TiSPY also helps parents by managing kid’s calls. It also has features that help to keep track of the online activities of the kids.

The features in TiSPY call tracking software include call recording, screen capture, call interceptor, geo-tracking, location tracking, and many other features. The software also has an interactive dashboard for the users. TiSPY software for android is free for all android users and it helps in ensuring that the negative effects of technology on children are minimized.

Final Words

As we understand, technology and digital medium have its positive and negative impact. Technology can be misused by students and children. The parents can help their children by assisting them in making the right choices. This will ensure that the kids are saved from the negative effects of technology on society.


Smart measures to ensure safe device usage by your children.