6 Good Reasons for Parents to Use SMS Tracker on Kid’s Smartphone

SMS is the most popular mode of communication among kids. Up to 95% of our children have access to mobile phones; suggests a Pew Research survey. Among them, up to 80% of kids own them. And every passing day the numbers are rising.

Reasons for the ever-increasing popularity of text-messaging may be many. It is convenient,almost free of cost and the apps work like a charm. Fortunately for parents, most of the children use mobile phones with utmost caution. Still, they have to remain aware of things that happen in their absence. The following are six reasons that warrant the use of SMS tracker in your kid’s Smartphone.

1. Content That Promotes Porn, Violence and Hatred

As parents, you tire all your life for your kids to grow up as good citizens. You teach them selflessness, empathy and good manners. And you relax; you did what you can to help your child. But the ease of text-messaging may prompt them to be lenient in this regard. A message your child sent innocently may offend someone else. An image sent just to flirt a bit may go viral in his/her school. Children are fully aware of all this. Still, they fall into such traps at times. An SMS tracker help parents know what their children are up to. And they are able to remind them the good things they taught them.

2. Protection from Unpleasant Surprises

Although responsible by nature, children may forego good judgment when tempted. They are not able to understand the importance of their actions. As a result, they land in trouble without them knowing it. Sending inappropriate images, sharing personal information online and making friends with strangers; all these are too dangerous for parents to ignore. A Remote SMS tracker on kids’ phone helps parents protect their kids from cyber bullying and identity thefts. They are able to monitor who their children come into contact with. Combined with GPS software, they even know where their children are.

3. Preventing Online Predators

Parents have the right to know to whom their children communicate. In the past, such monitoring was an easy job. Children use your landline to communicate. Parents were able to establish norms on how and when children can contact others. That is never the situation at present. Children exchange numbers and share personal information with friends or strangers. As parents, you know fully well that the cyber world is not as safe as it may appear. Predators who exploit innocence, online bullies who destroy children; internet is an unsupervised world of gangsters and angels. And parents have to make sure that their children are safe from predators. They should guide their children on the relationships they build and the decisions they take. An SMS tracker helps you monitor your kids and do your duty without fail.

4. Eliminating Distractions

Incessant texting distracts children from the real world. They ignore homework, lag behind in studies, avoid socializing and minimize outdoor activities. If left ignored, texting turns into an addiction. And the cycle extends to other areas of life. They will start changing their sleep patterns so that they can text without interruptions. They lose their ability to concentrate in anything. In the midst of all this, they will try to convince you that things are alright. These can have an adverse effect on their overall health.  Thus it is a must that parents impose restrictions on the time children can text. Make sure that there is a time when mobile phones are switched off.

5. Improving Quality of Sleep

There exists no magic number as to the hours children should sleep at night. But doctors in general are of the view that it is 8-9. But excessive texting deprive them of the sleep their bodies need. Children carry their handheld devices to wherever they go. They make sure that these are not switched off; they should wake up the moment they beep. This compulsion badly affects children. The feasible way out is to check how long children spend time on phone at night. Discuss the health implications with them and place restrictions.

6. Building Trust

Parents want their kids are safe from dangers. Make sure that they are fully aware of this fact. Doing this will help you set boundaries so as to help them.

How to Track Text Messages on Kids’ Phones?


Tracking text messages on kids’ phones is simple. Install a parental control app; done. If your choice falls on TiSPY, you enjoy the following benefits:


  • SMS Tracker: This lets you read every message your child sends or receives. They will be logged on in your TiSpY account. You will also get the time, date and the sender’s number. You will also be notified of the same through an email.


  • Spy and Track Messages: The app informs you of your child’s location wherever he/she is. You can even monitor the images and files being sent and received.


  • Remotely Access Messages: Since your messages are logged in your TiSpY account, you just have to visit the website to monitor what your child is texting.

SMS tracker alone may not be enough to monitor your kid. Be a keen observer. Notice anything that is unusual and take action accordingly.


Smart measures to ensure safe device usage by your children.