Is Someone Stalking your Kid Online? Learn How Parents Can Find & Stop Them

The internet is not just a web of interconnected networks anymore, it is ascending towards being a web of everything imaginable. Well, it’s almost a funny thing to imagine a human being without a smartphone. That is how profound the impact of technological dependency is in today’s time and age. Who needs a pen and paper when there’s a simple “Daily Planner” app to aid you with your organizational needs? Well, the point is, the amalgamation of smartphones and the internet has become even better than an actual brain when it comes to doing a certain set of tasks. I’m sure most of us have an image of “Skynet” is our heads (courtesy of the Terminator series) when we’re forced to ponder upon the rapid pace at which machines are integrating themselves with the human existence. But, hold my beer, for I am about to say something borderline conflicting. Technology isn’t all bad if you impose the necessary checks and balances wherever required. This simple intervention is even more significant when the torch-bearers of our legacy i.e. the next generation is concerned. Smartphones have undoubtedly become so dear to kids these days that they barely spend a second without them. Even the education sector is making a drastic shift from offline to online. Therefore, children need their virtual “best friends” now more than ever. The WhatsApp Messenger is no longer a standalone gossip portal but is also a place where kids exchange class notes. (Or at least that’s what they say)

The ABCs of Stalking on the Web

First and foremost, let’s shine the light on the possible motivations someone might have for stalking another person on the internet.

Well, human beings are curious creatures. Moreover, young minds are easily intrigued by the online presence of another person because there is so much that they aren’t aware of. In this case, curiosity does kill the cat, for it infringes upon its right to privacy. (The cat here is the person being victimized by the unethical online behavior of another)

In simpler times, if you wanted to know a stranger, you could either hire a Private Investigator or simply walk up to them and respectfully say “Hi!”. But, with the advent of the internet, why hire a PI when you can simply stalk a person to death? (quite literally in some cases)

Disrupted physiological patterns can very well be manifested as stalking. Addictions come in all flavors and forms, and stalking is one such variety available for abuse.


It is easy to stalk a person online. Given the abundance of social media platforms out there, digging into someone’s life without prior permission isn’t that much of a hassle.


Needless to say, stalking has implications far more serious than its perpetrators tend to imagine. Some of the negative emotions that victims of stalking undergo are guilt, embarrassment, emotional numbing, homicidal thoughts, unjustified anger, insomnia, and the list goes on. Well, the deed of stalking not only negatively impacts the victim, but also seriously hampers the social life of the perpetrator as well. In simple words, stalking isn’t good for anyone! Don’t be surprised if you find your kid facing depression when you fail to keep a check on the evil being talked about.

By now, you must be wondering what can you do to protect your kids from the threat/addiction of stalking. Well, rest easy, because all you need for that is a simple parental monitoring software like TiSPY.

How can TiSPY help?

First and foremost, you need to understand that there is a huge difference between monitoring the online activities of your children for their safety and plain old stalking. Secondly, do not worry too much about the daunting learning curve that a piece of software usually comes with. Using TiSPY is a child’s play, even though it works best out of the reach of children. Here’s a list of the most useful features of TiSPY that will enable you to put up a fight against the evil of stalking:-

It literally takes 2 minutes to install TiSPY.

Once installed, you can easily monitor the call records on your kid’s phone. Careful observation will help you in identifying if your kid is being bugged by a stalker.

You can also use TiSPY to keep a track of the SMS related activities on your child’s phone. Viewing sender details won’t be a problem either when you use TiSPY.

Perhaps, this is the most important feature of all: you can use TiSPY to monitor the social media apps installed on your child’s phone. TiSPY can monitor all the popular social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, Skype, Viber, Line, Kik, Tinder, Telegram, Kakoa, Wechat, Hike, Hangouts, and more.

TiSPY also enables you to monitor the internet use on your kid’s smartphone. You can view the list of websites your child visit during the day.

So, What’s the Takeaway?

Once you equip yourself with the necessary tool i.e. TiSPY to keep a check on your child’s activities on social media platforms, you’ll be able to find out if a specific person is unnecessarily bothering your kid again and again.

Once you find the existence of a perpetrator, identify him/her using social media platforms in order to take necessary action.

Another thing you need to bear in mind is that the stalker might not be a person who is inflicting harm in a direct manner. Therefore, look for messages that form a pattern or simply sound fishy. Be on a lookout for more than what meets the eye.

Also, make sure that you educate your child about the threat of stalking. Direct him/her to completely ignore all advances made by the stalker.

Smart measures to ensure safe device usage by your children.