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With users unable to control their social media habits, and logging on to the social networking sites either through phones or their computers, the productivity in offices is reducing with a great margin. You will find that most offices across the globe are trying to ward off the social media usage so as to control the users and gain higher levels of productivity. While this is certainly the need of the hour, there seems to be no self control on the users. Just to refresh their minds, most users spend hours going through their newsfeed or Twitter feed. Whatsapp and other messaging apps also control their working hours.

Well, the issue is not restricted to offices alone. You will see many children with smart phones not having the much needed self control because of which they suffer from fewer study hours and lots of work. Tired parents are trying to find ways in which the social media addiction can be controlled or removed from the root. Seems they have finally succeeded as there are methods to block social networks with apps. Yes, it is indeed an easy way out to ensure that kids at home don’t waste their precious productive work hours in exploiting the social networking sites.

The Blocker Apps for Social Networks

There is some platform specific as well as cross platform blocker apps available in the market. You can easily choose one from the choices provided to match your office or home needs. You can easily block the social networking sites for a long period or for a specific time period depending on your need of the hour.

For some parents, they need that the children should not use social networking sites during a particular time period in the day. With these apps, they can easily specify the time period, and block the sites on the phones as well as computers. If you want to block the sites during a particular conference, there is a provision for that too with these apps. You can easily block the social networking sites and apps for the particular period with these apps.

In fact, these apps are extremely useful to the parents of the wards who are constantly present on the social networking sites, even when they are supposed to work. In fact, the blocking apps in some cases prevent connection to the internet which is the source of using social networking sites in the first place.

Self Awareness with Apps

When you use apps to block social networking sites, you are not truly aware of the reason. So, when you ask your child not to connect to the internet or block the internet services, you will need to make them aware of the reason. There are those blocking apps that not just block social networking sites but also make the people aware of the reason behind it. These self awareness apps make the people know and understand how they are getting distracted by the social networking sites and how it is lowering their productivity. For students, who are concentrating on exams, social networking addiction is an evil, and these apps give out reports on how these sites can lower their productivity.

While a percentage of your efforts will lead to lowering of social networking usage, the other part necessarily requires you to make them aware of the need for such efforts. If they don’t understand why you are pulling out the plug from social networking sites, they will not be able to work productively despite such efforts.

So, use apps that help block social networking sites at your home, and also makes your child self aware of the productivity results.

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