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Android Call Tracking Free Download Software

It is quite common to quickly forget what your friend or wife or significant other has just told you over the phone. In fact, it is at that exact time that you wish you had somehow jotted down all the important points before hanging up the phone call. Fortunately, through the TiSPY Android Call Tracking app, you need no longer have to keep writing things down. This simple app enables you to all your phone calls such that you can review them later on which is quite useful if you tend to be rather forgetful.

Some of the basic features of the app include the ability to track all phone calls, delete the same items as well as an auto-cleaning feature that removes all unsaved call logs to make room for more logs. Moreover, the “lock” feature also comes in handy if you would like to disable the auto-cleaning feature from removing some unsaved call logs.

The basic version of the app is free for all android users which has the app’s full functionality. The paid pro version provides additional features such as the ability to share the logs as well as having a confirmation dialog pop up after each call.

One of the main problems encountered when dealing with call tracking apps is that they tend to be highly dependent on the phone that you are using. For instance, with other similar tracking software , individuals with Motorola phones, Galaxy SIII as well as the Galaxy SII’s all encounter difficulty in installing and using phone tracking software on their phones. While the android Call Tracking software does have some bugs when it comes to some devices, the developers provide quite a number of tips to help you fix the problem. Moreover, they also provide tips on how to change the settings such that your phone tracking app works just the way you would like.

The Call Tracking software for android is highly rated in Google’s play store with more than 50,000 five star reviews. Moreover, it is one of the top recording software in a number of online lists. As such, the call tracking software proves itself to be true to its word: i.e. simple and reliable.

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