Quick tour for your device settings

Different phones need different configurations and settings. The mentioned settings help you to install TiSPY in your device.

Note:* Settings can be vary as per your device behavior.

Disable Google Play Protect

Open “Play Store” application on target phone -> Tap Menu -> Play Protect -> Disable “Scan device for security threats”

Enable Accessibility

Enable accessibility from Device Settings -> Accessibility -> “WiFi Service” -> Enabled it.

Re-Enable Accessibility

Re-Enable Accessibility

Settings -> Accessibility -> Turn off -> Enable again -> Allow

Re-Enable Accessibility

Enable Parental control

Open Target device Settings -> Security -> Device administrator -> Activate WiFi service.

Enable Powersaveignore

Settings -> Battery -> Battery Optimization -> WiFi service -> Don’t Optimize

Grant all Permission

Settings -> Application Installed -> WiFi service -> Permissions -> enable all

How to remove “Display over other app” notification?

Go to Settings -> Apps -> Show system apps -> Android System -> Notification -> Disable “Wifi service over other app”

Settings ==> Apps ==> WiFi Service ==> Appear on top ==> Allowed

OPPO specific settings

Settings -> Battery -> Energy Saver -> “WiFi Service” -> Background Freeze -> Power OFF

Settings -> Battery -> Energy Saver -> “WiFi Service” -> Abnormal Apps Optimization -> Power OFF

OPPO 8.0 or higher

Settings -> App Management -> wifi service -> Allow Auto Startup -> Enable

Settings -> App Management -> wifi service -> Power saver -> Allow background running

INFINIX specific settings

Phone Master -> Toolbox -> Auto-start management -> Enable WiFi Service.

Phone Master -> Me -> Settings -> Protected app -> Enable WiFi Service.


Samsung steps to disable App permission monitor

Settings -> App permission monitor -> Disable “WiFi service”

Oppo/Vivo/Redmi/Samsung/Huawei Specific Settings For Lock Application

  1. Open recent Apps.
  2. Long Press on WiFi Service (Our Application).
  3. You will get the lock option in Samsung-Keep Open/ Vivo- Lock Down/ Rest Devices-Lock option. Click on it.

Remove background battery restrictions in Vivo

Settings ==> Search Background Power ==> WiFi Service ==> Enable Don’t restricate background power usage


Allow Notification Access

Settings -> Notification Access -> Wifi Service -> Enable

Disable Anti-Virus For RedMi

Security -> Security Scan -> Setting icon -> Disable “Scan before Installing”and “Auto update:Avast”.

Disable Anti-Virus for RedMi

Disable Anti-Virus For Vivo

iManager -> Settings -> Security Detection -> Automatic Ditection -> Turn Off.

iManager -> Settings -> Security Detection -> Auto-update for antivirus -> Never.

Disable Anti-Virus for Vivo

Disable Anti-Virus For Samsung

Settings -> Settings -> Show System Apps -> Select “Device Security” -> Storage -> Clear Data

Disable Anti Virus for Samsung

Disable Anti-Virus For Huawei

Optimiser -> Settings -> Auto-Update Cleanup Database -> Never ,Online virus scan -> Never


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