Remotely Control Target Phone

Parents buy their kids a smart phone just to ensure that they are safe and haven’t landed them into any kind of trouble. However, the smartphones of today aren’t just about calling and messaging. It’s a world of information and access to just about anything. At the same time, kids are getting smarter and curiosity is driving them to explore things that we as kids never knew existed. Social networking, camera, GPS, online chat rooms, games is just some of the new age things that are possible with a phone in hand. While this does keep your kid busy, it can also be counterproductive and in some cases, even very dangerous. Therein arises the need for monitoring.

However, thank to parental monitoring apps like TiSPY, parents can take back the control of their kid’s cell phone activities and be a part of their growth, likes, hobbies and conversations. Using the TiSPY app, parents can seek to remotely monitor, access and even control the devices of their kids. How does it help?

Wipe target device data

It’s easy for a kid to lose his/her phone. Now since, it’s a smart phone, it not just that they have lost the device but all their personal information with it. It includes the photographs they took, the locations they pinned, their browsing history and sometimes, even credit card details. In the wrong hands, all of this can mean an imminent disaster. There have been several cases of identity thefts and misuse of personal and private data. With TiSPY, you can seek to erase all this data, the moment you think that the phone cannot be retrieved.

Factory Reset Device

Another way to keep your information safe and erasing data from a device is factory resetting it. This means that everything that has been done with the phone is gone. It’s a used device but with without any information about the user. Factory resetting deletes contact numbers, photos, videos, applications and others things that we eventually add after buying a new phone.

Unlock device for specified time

Kids are curious. A smart phone is the perfect sin to get them addicted in things that they shouldn’t be doing. From gaming between lessons to visiting websites meant for adults, there are a lot of bad opportunities. Well, with TiSPY, you can choose to unlock the phone only for a specified time. This is when they would really want to use it – while coming back home or when on a school trip. At other times, it’s a dead device!

Download all phone data

Wondering what you kid had been up to in the recent weeks? Where he has been? Well, the best way to know is monitoring their smart phone activities. This will include the photos they have taken, the locations they have checked in to, the videos they made, the conversations they has and more! This helps!

Dozens of SMS command

Gaining control remotely on your kid’s phone gets easy with TiSPY. With one SMS, you can block internet use, activate their camera, and check their location and more. It doesn’t really need an internet connection, if you kid has been smart enough to turn off data!

Live audio/video/photos

Now, this is more about safety concerns. You can check what they are doing, start a video, and take a live photo – all with the TiSPY app. Though you must be working far away, you always know where your kid’s are and more importantly in what kind of company and environment.

Though some might think it to be a breach of privacy, the kid’s safety is always a priority. As responsible parents, we need to go to this extent.

Start monitoring your child’s activities