Live Audio – Keep child away from bad friends?

Many times it is very difficult for parents to recognize actual situation from Tracked SMS, Recorded Calls, Web and location.

By listening surrounding audio, they can recognize with whom their young one is talking, what matter is discussed, Are they planning something which is very harmful to them (Like consuming liker or Drugs), Someone blackmail or bully him, Is he facing some finance problem.

If you are using our SMS tracker service, you can get answers of all above questions just by single click. Use  live audio capture feature. Now you are aware of hidden problems your child is facing.

How to access Surrounding Audio?

  • Install the application on your child android phone, complete email verification.
  • Login at TiSPY, access “Live Panel”.
  • Click on Live Audio button.

Many times it is hard for you to catch surrounding audio because of no internet. Audio recorder  has found its solution. You can set scheduler for audio capture. You can get scheduled audio at dashboard.

How to use Scheduler to capture audio?

  •  Login at TiSPY, access “Scheduler”.
  • Schedule audio capture for specific duration for future times.
  • Once the scheduler is completed, you will find the link to play it.

Again, if you want to do instant audio capture, you have not set the scheduler and your child is away from internet, what will you do? Service has also found its solution. You can use “SMS Commands” feature to get the audio capture.

How to use SMS Command to capture audio?

  • If you find that your child does not have internet access, this will help you.
  • Send defined SMS command to your child phone.
  • Refer SMS Command page for more details.

Smart measures to ensure safe device usage by your children.