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No, You can not monitor GPS location if the location services are Disabled on the target device. It is only works if location services are enable on the target device.

Our location finding technique is so far better, have below three different way to get locate its work even device always keep GPS and internet off.

- We are supporting below three ways to find location of device.

a. using GPS (very accurate about 50 meter, but may not work in device inside building)

b. using device internet (accurate about 100 Meter, need internet availability)

c. using device cellular tower information. ( work without internet, GPS, but low accuracy about 1-5KM)
         To get accurate result we would suggest to enable "Settings >> Location and security >> Use wireless networks".

Geo fence is used to get notifications when phone moves in/out Geo Place.

Below are steps to Set Geo fence.

1) Login in TiSPY Dashboard Panel.
2) Go to Geo fence From side bar menu.
3) Click on "Create New" button for set new geo fence for your device.
4) Now you get one map and circle on your device last location. Move center point to your any other place where you want to set fence.
5) Enter place name below map box and save it.
6) You can see your set Geo fence list in table. if you want to update (change) your exiting geo fence then click on "View Map".


Note:Geo Fence works fine if your device frequently connects withGPSand veryaccurateabout 50 meter.


All subscriptions include a feature-rich and very user-friendly Control Panel, accessible at The first logs of captured text messages, call details GPS locations and much more will be available as soon as after initial user authentication.