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Teens Sleep Deprived because of their Phone Usage? Here are Effective Ways to Deal with It

A good night’s sleep is highly important for optimal functioning during adolescence and childhood. However, nowadays the use of tech is playing a major role in causing sleep deprivation in kids. The use of technology at night has highly increased among children. This is because night is only when they get absolutely free time for themselves, away from school, tuitions, and family time. Thus, the kids of today reach out for their phone the moment they hit the bed. Due to this, the kids tend to sacrifice their sleep duration in a bid to get more time for using their smartphones. The lack of sleep in kids affects their health adversely. You can follow these useful steps to keep the kids away from technology at night before they are going to sleep.

Effective Ways To Keep Children Away From Tech Before Sleeping

While teenagers are on their phone, scrolling social media pages and answering texts, their mind gets emotionally stimulated. This leads to disturbed sleep or lack of sleep in kids. Given below are a few of the effective ways through which you can keep the children away from indulging in tech usage before sleeping.

Create a proper routine

The first thing that you need to do to prevent sleep deprivation in kids is to limit the usage of the smartphone before they hit the bed. You can establish a clear rule in the house that no one should use mobile phones for at least one hour before sleeping till the very next day. Make sure you follow the rule too as they will learn to respect the rule in this way.

Ask them to maintain distance

If they keep the phone right beside themselves, then the chances are that they will be tempted to use it. The kids can also end up using the smartphone invariably if and when they suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and find their phone right beside them. Thus, to ensure that there is no sleep deprivation in kids, ask them to keep the phone away from them in such a place where they cannot reach it at night. You can ask them to keep the phone in the hall while they sleep in their bedroom.

Check if they follow the routine

You can use a good parental monitoring software like TiSPY to know that your kids are actually following the routine that you have set for them. The following are some of the ways in which TiSPY parental control software helps you.

  • You can know if your kids are calling or texting at night and the numbers that they are dialing.
  • You will know about each multimedia file that they send or receive.
  • Through the parental control android software like TiSPY, you can supervise all the social media accounts of your kids. It provides you with features like – Whatsapp Tracker, Facebook Tracker & Many more.
  • TiSPY lets you schedule pre-planned photo capture, and this way, you can know instantly if they are using their phone when they should not be.

Notice the Timestamps

As the best parental control software available in the market, TiSPY lets you see the time stamp for all of its features like WhatsApp messages, facebook messenger tracker, calls tracker, SMS tracker and other such services that your kids use on their smartphones. This way, you will immediately know the cause of sleep deprivation in kids and will also be able to action it further.

Make them Read a Book

In addition to using software for parental control, you can also ask your kids to develop the habit of reading a book at a time. Their mind will slowly calm down when they are engaged in reading a good book and this will help them to sleep better. You can even ask them to write a journal before they go to bed. Writing a journal has the same effect as reading a book as it also helps in bringing peace to your mind.

A severe lack of sleep in kids can cause multiple physical and mental problems. It leads to difficulties in concentration and the kid develops a tendency to drift off mentally in class. It also impairs memory and decision-making capabilities. Plentiful and sound sleep is essential for the growth, development, and quality of life of the children and teenagers. Use of technology for hours on end during every night is not letting the kids get as much sleep as they need. Thus, it is crucial to keep an eye on their tech usage at night.

When you break your child’s habit of using the phone at night, you will be able to see noticeable changes in their physical and mental wellbeing. They will appear more active and alert since the morning, after getting rid of their phones at night. Gradually, keeping their phones away at night will become a habit to them.