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All logs are subject to deletion after ninety (90) days

Manage Calls

Give all calls at dashboard. It will also display cell numbers of caller/called person, how long each call lasted.
Also, if the number is registered under a name in the phonebook, you will get his name/image. System will also send call log details to your registered email address.
Determine more : Call logs, View date and time of calls

Track text messages

You can read any message that was received by or sent from the phone.
The messages are logged into your TiSPY account as they are generated with sender number,receiver number, data, time and message, so you can read them EVEN IF the holder of the phone erases them. System will also send text message to your registered email address.
Determine more : SMS, MMS, Sender's details

Location Tracking & Geo Fencing

You always know where your kids are. We give you Real-time interactive maps.
Receive notifications when they are arrive at their destinations. Location path helps you to draw full path of your phone for whole day.
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Track Multimedia Files

TiSPY dashboard will allow you to view each and every image phone camera has captured.
Many users uses TiSPY as their image storage. Even if the photo is erased from the phone, it will be available at dashboard.

Access Address Book

TiSPY gives you phonebook access of monitoring phone.
When new contact data is created on your phone, the record will be available at dashboard. You can always use them as Phonebook backup if your phone stopped working. It also give provision to download contacts in csv format.
Determine more : Phonebook, Block Contacts

WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike, Skype, Mails and more IM Monitoring

Supervise user's popular social network accounts to learn what they texting about. Using TiSPY you can monitor Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Line, Hike, Skype, Hangout,Tinder,Wechat Kik messages and Mails.
You will get both incoming and outgoing messages. Even if user remove the records, you wan't miss them. They will be available at TiSPY dashboard.
Determine more : WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, Skype, Viber, Line, Kik, Tinder , Telegram , Kakoa , Wechat , Hike, Hangouts

Monitor Internet Use

TiSPY logs all URLs the user has visited in the cell phone browser.
you'll be able to see if someone has been viewing something they shouldn't be viewing! Many users specifically buy TiSPY service just because of this feature.
Determine more : Website, Visited time & date

Monitor and Control Apps and Programs

Do you know which application is most used in your phone? TiSPY list all installed applications on phone.
It also shows which app is more frequently used. As a parent, this going to valuable feature, as you can always block adult application from TiSPY dashboard. User praise TiSPY for this feature.
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TiSPY gives you facility to schedule photo capture. Schedule pre-planned photo capture.
Scheduler start capturing photo for given time, if internet connectivity is not available at that time then it will upload that data when device will connect with internet.

Live Features

Capturing Live activity is now very easy with TiSPY. From TiSPY dashboard you can capture live photo.
Along with live photo, you can get instant location and many more features. If your phone is stolen by someone, by accessing play ring your phone will start ringing loudly. Even you can not stop the ring until you unlock phone.

Control Application and Contacts

Identify which application and programs then target phone can most access. Block unappropriate application from TiSPY portal.
You can now have full control over the applications installed on a monitored device with TiSPY's Application Blocking feature. TiSPY also gives feature to block incoming/outgoing calls and incoming Message for unwanted contacts.

Keystroke Logger

Keylogger android also provides real-time data synchronization, which means that as soon as a keystroke is performed on a keyboard, on the targeted device, it will be visible in the control panel.
The best free keylogger is available as an essential feature of the TiSPY application.Despite the fact, it is a free keylogger software, it's one of the most advanced software of this kind.

Text Copier

Now you can monitor all texts, copied by your child. Example your child copying a message and send it to some one else. Or your child copying some article from web and try to broadcast using any social media app.
Those will automatically captured and available in clipboard section at TiSPY dashboard.