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TiSPY is a monitor software for the Android operating system. Now you can use the advance controlling and monitoring features of TiSPY on your Android device. The software is very feature rich and takes less than a minute to install. It is almost undetectable.

What is TiSPY? How does it work? Top

TiSPY is a background smartphone application that secretly records and logs SMS/MMS messages, Call, calendar tasks, photo, web history, installed package,tracks GPS locations of the phone in real time and displays all routes on a convenient map. The software installs directly into the phone you wish to monitor on. However, physical access to the device is only needed for initial download. All settings may be adjusted remotely anytime online right from your web Control Panel. After the installation and activation process is completed, as soon as, all data start to upload to your private Control Panel account which is available from anywhere.

Immediately after making a registration, you will receive an e-mail with detailed instructions for subscription and activation.

NB: The target phone must have access to the Internet, and be compatible with TiSPY. Check if your mobile device is supported. Please note, TiSPY works on a range of platforms including Android! customers are able to access the watched phone activity 24/7, from the WEB. The solution is super-fast and easy enough to get used by beginners and veterans alike.

Why would I use TiSPY?Top

Seeing who your children are contacting from their phones are among the most popular uses of our tracking software. Besides, you can view logs online anytime.

What phones does TiSPY work on?Top

You need to install TiSPY on the phone to be monitored only. All phones and mobile devices running the Android operating system are fully compatible with TiSPY.

How do I know that TiSPY will work?Top

Reliability is our foremost priority. We are so confident about our client's complete satisfaction with the surveillance program that we provide 3 days trial period to our customers.

What payment methods do you accept?Top

You can pay either by:

— PayPal from ANY country
— Google wallet.

Why does the target phone need Internet?Top

The monitored device requires the Internet access to get TiSPY working, that is to send the captured data (the SMS logs, Call History or Location information) from the target phone to your Control Panel for review. You will also need the Internet connection on the target phone to initially download the app.

Can I Install TiSPY client remotely?Top

No. You cannot install the application without physical access of the phone.

Do you provide technical support?Top

Yes, absolutely.

We provide answers for customer queried by 24 hours. Our Support Team can be easily reached at support@tispy.net or you can start a tracked support request by sending a message here and we will quickly reply.

How to start using TiSPY service?Top

Complete subscription from here.
TiSPY service will send you email with installation steps.

How to Uninstall TiSPY ClientTop

Open Main screen of android device, open your main menu and tab on settings.
Now open install application list by below navigation.
Settings >> Application >> Manage Application.
Now search below application and uninstall them.
Market Version: 'C0M.SCE.S0UND'. Advance Version: 'C0M.ANDR0ID.S0UND' or 'C0M.MT.SETTINGS'

How to Unsubscribe from TiSPY service?Top

Email us from your registered email id. We will unsubscribe your device from TiSPY service within 24 hours.
Do not forgot to uninstall application from client before sending email to support.

During Registration, I get Unauthorized User Error.Top

Authorization error mean you are entering wrong email ID or Password while registering client.

During registration, I get Subscription Expired error.Top

Subscription Expired means you already used your trial period. If you want to use TiSPY service again then renew your account first.

Not able to login into TiSPY portal, get verification error.Top

This error means your email address is not verified.
Check verification email into your Inbox/Junk folder that received from TiSPY service.
Click on verification link for verify your account.
If verification link not clickable, then login into TiSPY portal at https://tispy.net
and when it ask for verification enter verification code that received in mail.
If you have not received verification email, you can resend email from login at https://tispy.net.

How do I see the SMS, Call Logs and Location tracking information?Top

All subscriptions include a feature-rich and very user-friendly Control Panel, accessible at http://www.tispy.com/. The first logs of captured text messages, call details GPS locations and much more will be available as soon as after initial user authentication.

How Can I do payment?Top

a. Login into your dashboard at http://tispy.net
b. Select the device tab for which you want to renew subscription.
c. Under 'USER DETAILS' you can find 'Renew' link or select 'Subscription' tab for Activate your account.
d. Select one of listed subscription plan.
e. It would open PayPal site, from where you can make payment.

I am facing issue in payment via paypalTop

We have another payment gateway 'Google Wallet'. Tell to our support team, then will send you Google wallet invoice. With that invoice, you can do payment.

Why I get notification for upgrade advance version?Top

If you are using market version then it may not provide all features. To enjoy all features of TiSPY service, install advance client without any extra cost.
1. Advance client is almost undetectable.
2. No additional cost.
3. Support all features TiSPY service provides.

Why instant Feature not working?Top

This feature is available only for devices having OS version higher then 2.0.
Instant capture require client to be connected with internet when you try to access the feature.
if instant feature not working for your device, We suggest you to use SMS Command to do capture
audio/photo/location capture as it is strong and give same result as instant audio.

Device Tab show Green dot even though instant features not workingTop

While designing the software we have specially taken care for battery, data usage, device performance, user interface and many more things.
It is possible that even though you see the green symbol device is not actually connected.

Why my device tab shows gray or red icon?Top

If device is not connected since long, depending on the interval, it shows green/gray or red bubble.
Take the mouse cursor on the bubble, it will show the interval.

You may get this error even if device is connected with the server.
So please ignore the error and go ahead with the action.

Why am I receiving error in instant audio/photo or location?Top

If server fails to connect with the device. You will get above error.

My data not upload to server from last few hours.Top

We suggest you to wait for 24 hours. TiSPY design in such a way to save battery and device data plan.

Device stop uploading data in any of below cases.
1. If device is hard reset.
2. If device firmware is upgraded.
3. If device is not connected with internet.
4. If application is removed from the device.

You need to reinstall the application if #1, #2, or #4 is occurred

My data not upload to server even after I did payment.Top

If do payment after expired then need to install client again.

Why SMS Command Not Working?Top

Make sure you are giving correct SMS Command. Refer "SMS Command" page for more details. Things to be take care while using SMS Command,
a. Do not change sms pin frequently.
b. The change will take time to reflect on client, So use the command after at least 10-12 hours once you change.
c. smspin length should be higher then 4 digits.

Why I am not able to use all features of TiSPY client?Top

As you are using market version it is easily detectable. Please install advance version in device.
To enjoy all features please install our advance client without any extra cost.
Refer installation guide at http://goo.gl/kRXMp.

Why GPS shows incorrect result. How to correct it?Top

Our location finding technique is so far better, have below three different way to get locate its work even device always keep GPS and internet off.
- We are supporting below three ways to find location of device.
a. using GPS (very accurate about 50 meter, but may not work in device inside building)
b. using device internet (accurate about 100 Meter, need internet availability)
c. using device cellular tower information. ( work without internet, GPS, but low accuracy about 1-5KM)
To get accurate result we would suggest to enable "Settings >> Location and security >> Use wireless networks".

Scheduler audio/photo feature not working correctly.Top

a. Try to schedule 4-5 hours advance.
b. Change 'sync interval' in settings to 7200.
c. Do not set audio capture longer then 15 minutes.
c. Make sure schedulers are not overlapping. Otherwise it may fail to capture.

Why my Call record files not playing?Top

a. Right click on the link and save the file as .amr format.
b. Open the file with VLC Player.
c. Call Tapping feature may not work all the time.
d. While tapping the call, if any kind of OS interruption occur, You will not get that call record or you may get .wav file. You may not able to play that file.
e. This is OS limitation and we have tried our best to avoid it.
f. Playing audio files from phone browser is not supported. Please use desktop/laptop browser.

Why I can't see any incoming or outgoing SMS of device?Top

Is monitoring device using any third party application to send SMS, like GoSMS?
In that case TiSPY will not able to capture outgoing messages.

Why I can't hear voice of remote user in call tapping?Top

Call Tapping feature may vary from device to device.
In few firmware it does not allow to capture audio of remote user.

Why I cannot use Live Panel for Audio and Video streaming?Top

High Bandwidth needed.

Why am I getting too many location data?Top

Increase 'GPS Distance Interval' to 500 meters or more.

Why I cannot see old data?Top

TiSPY delete data older then 90 days

Can I change my email address after verification?Top


What to do if I forgot my password? How can I change my password?Top

Access https://tispy.net/TiSPY/forgotpassword.jsp to retrieve new password.
Newly generated password will be sent to your registered email address.

How to block/Unblock application?Top

Open 'Packages Installed' page. Traverse the list till the application you want to block/unblock.
Click on link against the application you want to block/unblock.

How to block/Unblock call and sms for particular user?Top

Open 'Contacts' page. Traverse the list till the contact you want to block/unblock.
Click on link against the contact you want to block/unblock.

How can I change my SMS Command?Top

From settings, set new value for 'SMS Command Pin'
a. Do not change sms pin frequently.
b. The change will take time to reflect on client, So use the command after at least 10-12 hours once you change.
c. smspin length should be higher then 4 digits.

Can I add another device into my account?Top

Yes. While installing TiSPY client give the save email address and password.
You will find separate tab on TiSPY dashboard for newer phone

How many device I can monitor into my account?Top

You can monitor N number of devices under same email address. But you need to renew subscription for each of them separately.

Does my service stop, if I change SIM card?Top


How Can I download my data in csv format?Top

From 'Data Liberation' page you can download the data in csv formatted files.

Why device consume more battery?Top

To improve battery life,
a. Application blocking feature consume more battery , unblock all package if its not that important. (under "Package Installed"), as this feature consume more battery.
b. Disable "Custom push channel". ( it may effect instant feature accuracy).
c. Disable multimedia features if not unnecessary. (like photo etc.)
d. Avoid putting to many scheduler/command for audio record.
e. Make sure that not keeping GPS enable in device (not in TiSPY settings) for longer time.

Why my MMS not upload to server?Top

Go to settings, enable 'MMS' from 'Individual Feature On/Off' panel.

How to save my cellular data?Top

Uncheck 'Allow communication over cell data' option in settings.
Increase the 'sync interval' and 'gps scan interval'.
Uncheck 'Custom Push Channel' in settings.

How can I track my device when internet connection is not available?Top

Using SMS Commands you can keep track of your device. Refer 'SMS Commands' page for more information.

My device is in supported device list, even though call tapping feature does not work.Top

Call Tapping feature may not work all the time.
While tapping the call, if any kind of OS interruption occur, You will not get that call record or you may get .wav file. You may not able to play that file.
This is OS limitation and we have tried our best to avoid it.

How to stop daily or instant email from TiSPY service?Top

Uncheck 'EveryDay Mail Notification' field in settings.

How can I monitor device for specific time interval and day in a week?Top

In settings there is a parameter named 'Default Watching Interval'.
Define the interval of the day for which you want to monitor the phone.

When the updated settings will be applied?Top

After updating settings on the site, as and when the device connects to internet settings will be applied.

Where can I see the result of SMS Command?Top

The results of SMS Command will available on scheduler page. Device will upload the results only when it connects to internet.

How will I get the instant location using SMS command.Top

Location link will be sent back on the same number.

For any payment related issues, forward email with your payment details to support@tispy.net. That will help us to resolve your issue fast.