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About TiSPY

TiSPY is Parental monitoring software used to keep your children safe and keep peace of mind in your home. TiSPY is easy to use, and its advance features, like live panel, makes it world's most powerful parental monitoring application on the market. It provides instant photo, location, SMS driven capturing facility. As well, it will provide monitoring of all commonly used communication applications, including SMS, Facebook, MMS, Viber, Line, and others. Best of all, even if the monitored device's messages are deleted after sending, you can still see them online. Through the live panel you can secretly listen in on what's happening around your child's device. Just install the software on your child's mobile phone, and you can SECRETLY learn the truth about their calls, text messages, and GPS locations by logging into your registered account from any web browser.

Not only can you monitor your child's activities, but these tools can also ensure your child's safety while they are away from you.


TiSPY Features

  • Instant Photo/Location (Unique Features)
  • SMS Driven Photo/Location (Unique Features)
  • Call Tracking
  • SMS Tracking
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Phonebook Access
  • URL Tracking
  • Photo Tracking
  • WhatsApp Tracking
  • Facebook/Viber/Line Tracking
  • Calendar/Memo Tracking
  • Contact Event Tracking


Customer Speak

  • "I think this would be great to put on our own phones as well,,,, 70. a year and it would be the best insurance !!!!"


  • Amazing app and service, satisfied with the technical support..


  • "This is exactly what I was looking for. During the 3 days trial, I couldn't get all the features to work right, but I went out on a limb and paid for a 3 month subs. which is very, very cheap. After that, I was amazed! It is just an awesome app. Locate option works great too. I can actually listen to every word on every phone call. Def worth the money!"


  • Best tracking app ever I found on net till now. keep it up guys..


  • "Thanks! As one person said it's not free. However I've found it worth the $70 a year. It has an awesome web interface, it has an almost unnoticable footprint on the phone. Tracks SMS ( no MMS), downloads photos, records calls (sometimes cant hear otherwise but that's more a limitation of the phone), locates phone, and much more! I do wish for a app version of the web site"


  • "I love this program. I give thanks to all of the tech. wonderful job..."


  • "Thank you for this product, it's the best in the market. And I have a question, do you have the same program for Iphone? if you have that's be perfect.. Thanks guys good job."


  • "Its a cool app. Does everything it says without degrade phone performance."


  • "awesome...!!! very good app i was really looking for this kind of app. thanks. thanks to creator of such a good kind of app.."


  • "Great software, would love a reward for being a long time user.."


  • "So far so good. This app is just what I've been looking for. Website is easy to set up. It should start up hidden and then if you want it shown you can do so."


  • "I love this app. it has rebuilt trust between my child and I. There are time that some features dont always work though."


  • "This really helps when trying to keep up with our kids. Thank you!"


  • "For the most part very good service. Sometimes live panel doesn't work but cant complain. Keep up the good work Tispy."


  • "Awesome,better than I thought possible. The service works great on my Samsung galaxy 2."


  • "I love TISPY I'm A fan I have Helped many lady's even if I don't work for you but I love to help others God Bless you so much for this feature that helps many..... By the way your maps don't work correctly...I'm in one of the girls I'm teaching her how this works.."


  • "Great app. Good price. I found and choosed over other apps.."


Do you require phone backup? Worried about losing your smartphone and want to have the ability to track it? Use TiSPY. We provide the hottest and most powerful security monitoring software for your Android device. We have an experienced, talented, and innovative work force that provides the best cell phone monitoring system for android mobile phones. One of the main benefits of our mobile phone monitoring software is its ease of use. Our expert team is specializes in providing tailored and customer oriented mobile tracking solutions using the latest technologies.

We lead the competition in the security solution market of android devices. Using state-of-the-art technologies and the most advanced mobile monitoring applications, we provide the best and easiest to use android mobile monitoring software. Easily keep an eye on your children with TiSPY through simply by logging in to your account from any web browser on computer, tablet, or even your own mobile device.

Our upcoming release will provide mobile monitoring applications for iPhone platform also as soon as possible.


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